Hope on a Leash

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It would have been a lot of work for her.  It would be good for her, but was she ready to take the leap?    

She had mentioned wanting to adopt a dog a year ago.  The company would serve her well, after losing my stepfather.  

The dog came up from time to time.  

"Mom, have you gotten to the shelter yet?" was a question we frequently asked her. 

"No, next weekend," she'd reply before the subject was dropped for months. 

She didn’t mean to drop the subject, but life gets in the way, as it does for all of us.  How many times do we want to do something good for ourselves that never gets done, out of routine, or circumstance, or fear? 

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to her that I was taking in a new foster dog, a Chihuahua coming from a shelter in one of the southern states.

“Maybe I’ll adopt it,” Mom mentioned nonchalantly.   I didn’t think much of her comment at the time. 

What were the chances of this dog being the right fit, or this being the right “moment?” 

But then I met her dog.

Photo: Carolina the new foster dog is here! http://instagr.am/p/N6uSB0MSn3/

Carrie greeted my mother at the door and ran around her in circles.  She hopped right onto my mother’s lap when she sat on the couch. She followed her from room to room. 

They took a walk together.  Carrie sat by her feet outside as my mother read a magazine.

“I want to take her,” Mom said with conviction.

Mom will take Carrie home with her this weekend.  During our last phone conversation, she gave me an animated recap of her trip to the pet supply store in preparation of Carrie’s arrival.  She talked about Carrie’s doggie bed and the brand of small breed pet food she would try.  She mentioned the walks they would take and how she thought it would be fun to bring Carrie back to our house on her visits so that the kids could play with her. She spoke with an enthusiasm that I had not heard in years, as if there was a new bright spot helping to fill a tiny part of that void, the one we feel when we lose someone we love dearly. 

Carrie won’t bring my stepfather back, but Carrie has given Mom a new focus.  

Even when we start to lose hope, sometimes, if we are fortunate, hope finds us.

Namaste, Divas!

©2012 Ilene Evans

I am participating in Melanie Crutchfield’s blog Relay for Hope.  I was handed the relay baton by the exceptional Mary Balice Nelligan at A Teachable Mom.






Hope on a Leash — 17 Comments

  1. Oooh, hope is your thing, my dear! I knew your “leg” of the hope relay would be wonderful and you exceeded expectations here. A beautiful, touching story with so much I relate to. I admire your compassion toward your mom, something I hope to nurture in myself (toward my mom, not yours, silly! ;-). And I love that she stepped up and adopted Carrie – a loving gesture toward herself and toward you, joining you in your passion of fostering dogs. Happy! Well done!

  2. First of all, thank you for calling me to task on hope. I was lucky that this story “found me” this week! As far as compassion and moms go…it took me a very long time to be willing to look at the situation with compassion – and it’s still making its very slow journey from my head to my heart.
    And you are exceptional. Way exceptional. xo

  3. Glad that your mom found a special friend. My MIL got a dog after she retired and that doggie has her wrapped around her paw. It is incredibly adorable. Carrie is going to be a great friend to your mom.

  4. This is awesome. It’s the kind of change you only hope to see in a person, never knowing if it’ll actually come about. And then…there it is. Amazing. And I don’t even really like dogs.
    Anyway, thanks so much for participating in HOPE 2012!

  5. To Lady Hope herself – thank you for the relay! Great topic – and I am so glad Mary tagged me. It was a great writing prompt for me AND I got to discover your totally awesome blog.
    And yes, sometimes, even the unlikeliest of people can make a change. It’s awesome!

  6. You know…this story hits home for me. Sometimes dogs just know where they’re meant to be. Marla, our coon hound-lab mix (though, I still say she’s Great Dane-lab), came to us because my sister was moving to a new place that wouldn’t allow dogs of her size. Marla was rescued by her from an abusive man who kicked her as a pup. She was about 3 months old when he kicked her across a park. So, when we got her, we already had a GSD from the Czech Republic…and we found out she was dog aggressive (the GSD). She went to lunge at Marla when Marla got a little protective over me from under the table, and instead of getting Marla, Xenii got my foot. (I cringe thinking about it.) About two weeks later, Xenii had a new home, and we had Marla spayed…a surgery that went bad. We found out the next morning, after my husband went on a business trip, that she was internally bleeding. (I found her dripping blood with no sight of surgical site issues.) I rushed her back to clinic, they re-opened her, closed everything off again, and found that she was having a hard time clotting. She was in an emergency clinic for three days…two plasma tranfusions, $3K, and one very very emotionally drained me later, we have a pup that is quite a blessing…and she loves us unconditionally. Even when she sees my sister she’s ours. She knew we saved her…and my sister wouldn’t have been able to carry that financial burden.
    Your mom will find an amazing companion in Carrie…and Carrie seems to already know she was meant to be with your mom. I hope everything works out…and I’m so glad your mom is already showing signs of happiness.

  7. Dogs have an incredible sixth sense, so its no surprise to me that Carrie found my mom or that Marla found you. I am always touched at the lengths people go to for their dogs but they really are family. I am so glad that Marla survived such a difficult health crisis! She was so lucky to have you. And we are lucky to have them! Dogs are all about love and you know how I feel about THAT subject 🙂

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