Cheer Mom – Guest Post at Things I Can’t Say


The premise: A
willful daughter and her control freak mother lock horns over the demands of
the daughter’s competition cheer team.

The cast of
  The Fierce Diva and the
Divine Miss F.  

The major dramatic
: Will the Diva pull Miss F. from cheer mid-season?

The setting:  Suburbia

The outcome: Hop
on over to Things I Can’t Say to find out!  

Wow!  What a week!

I am still basking in the afterglow of my SITS Day, which
was Wednesday, and today, I am the guest blogger over at Shell’s place, Things
I Can’t Say

I met Shell through the SITS Girls a number of months ago
(For me, all roads lead back to my SITStahs!) and soon thereafter, I became
hooked on her weekly Wednesday blog link-up, Pour Your Heart Out, a.k.a. #PYHO. 

Pour Your Heart Out is a place where Shell welcomes the
contributors to share something they feel strongly about, a passion, a belief,
an issue weighing them down, in an environment without judgment. 

I love #PYHO because it’s the place where I can “let it all
out,” and let it all go.  It’s my place
to vent, whine, share my fears and my rough moments with the kids. Recently, I
have written about holding grudges, a tough afternoon with my rambunctious
, the complexities of friendship, and my perceived failures as a
.  #PYHO makes me feel a little
less inhibited than I would be otherwise to share something personal, which I
attest to the camaraderie I have built with the other #PYHO contributors. 

Which brings me to the next reason why I love #PYHO so
much.  I have connected with a wonderful
community of bloggers, many whose blogs I now follow on a regular basis and
visa versa.

My SITS Day post was about the importance of community.

Shell, thank you for the wonderful community you have built
through #PYHO and for your supportiveness throughout the blogging world, in
particular, for newer bloggers.

Please check out my post, entitled Cheer Mom over at Things I Can’t Say.  And make sure to say hello to Shell while you
are there!


 things they can't say

Namaste, Divas!



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