Getting to the Bottom of It

Butt photo

“I only have two minutes I say hastily as I pick up the

I know it’s Jade from the caller ID.  She’s part of my posse.  I can rush her off the phone without feeling
bad or without her taking it personally. 

I’m running, this time, to preschool drop off and then onto
work.  The pre-game was dog pee on the
carpet and two girls in simultaneous meltdowns over what to wear to school,
leaving me with 20 minutes to shower, pack lunches, and get into my big girl

 “This won’t take long,”
replies Jade on the other end of the line.

“It looks like it was root chakra week on your blog.”

Jade went through yoga teacher training with me, so she’s no
stranger to the root chakra.

(Not to mention we had our root chakras reamed out quite a
number of times by the teacher training director, but that’s a story for a
different day.)

“So, here’s my question, “ Jade continued.  “If your issues are all about your root
chakra, instead of writing your Sharpie tattoos on your stomach, shouldn’t you
be writing them on your butt?”

To which I can’t help but smile.   

“That’s too funny.”

“You need to put those messages in the anatomically
appropriate place if you want to see results.”


“I thought you could use a laugh.”

Despite some of the challenges that I face right now, Jade’s
phone call was a great reminder that we don’t have to take things quite so
seriously, or ourselves that seriously, for that matter.

It was also a reminder that having a friend who calls just
to give you a laugh is priceless.

And as far as any butt tattoos go, I’ll never tell.

Namaste, Divas! 


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