The Twenty-Five Minute Badass

The body never lies.

You can say you’re not stressed, but the clench in your
stomach betrays you.

You can say you’re not angry, but then the stiffness in your
throat reminds you that you chose to stifle the words.

You can’t say you’re not depressed, but that tightness in
your chest knows differently.

I can’t get away from my feelings.  I’m a yogi. I’ve trained endlessly to know
the awareness of living in my body, my life, my feelings, and to teach others
to do the same.  

Even when I’d rather deny my feelings, it’s too late for
that.  My body/mind won’t let me anymore.

The truth always surfaces.

It was no surprise to me that a few months back, I wanted to
move and not stop moving.

I wanted to move fast.

I wanted to move
until my heart pounded, with a desire I have not felt in years for such

The movement calms me. 
The movement also challenges me and reminds me that the endurance  I find within myself to persevere in intense
physical exercise, is the same endurance that I can call upon to get me through
hard times.

Every morning through mountain climbers and burpees and
squats and plank pushups, I get to remind myself that I can endure.

I get to remind myself that I am strong.

I get to remind myself that I have “book deal” written on my
belly.  Or “balance.”  Or “fearless,” depending on the week.  

And live those affirmations for twenty-five minutes while I
sweat like I mean it.



For twenty-five each morning, I get to be a badass.

And it feels good. Really good.    

Because we’re stronger than we think we are.

But we sometimes need reminders.

Especially if you’re like me.

Namaste, Divas!

Have you said hello
to your inner bad ass lately? 



The Twenty-Five Minute Badass — 36 Comments

  1. Wow, you got to look like that with only 25 minutes of exercise a day? What kind of exercise do you do? I’d love to look more muscular and less flabby.

  2. Hard exercise is great for exorcising those demons of worry, fear and doubt, isn’t it? In spite of my efforts and tremendous admiration for those who do, however, I just have never been able to stay on the exercise train.
    My preference is a long, brisk walk with a friend with whom I can laugh, bounce ideas, and share concerns so we can encourage one another. I figure anything that allows us to drop our cares and concerns and replace them with healthier thoughts is a great thing!
    Thanks for the inspiration today!

  3. I want to be bad ass with you, too! This is so timely for me. I took a group boot camp class yesterday with some moms from my daughters’ school. I stood right next to the fittest, strongest, most bad ass woman I know and found myself slowing down to keep up with her (the thought in my head: “I’m f**king with natural order here – she’s bad ass, not me!”). It wasn’t until after the class I realized I have some bad ass in me too. I’m strong and powerful. Maybe I’ll stop projecting my power on to other women and own it for myself. Maybe. 😉 Fabulous post!

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