Suddenly Sarah

I love my glasses. 
Even though I’ve been wearing contact lenses since seventh grade, there
is something about putting on a pair of glasses and become a slightly different
version of myself that I’ve always enjoyed. 
I look smarter, more credible.  I
bet I could conduct an experiment to prove that my boss has more trust in my
work on the days that I show up bespeckled. 

I feel authoritative in glasses.  I feel like an expert…in what, I don’t know,
but certainly in something.

I don’t at all feel like Sarah Palin in my glasses, however,
from time to time, people have commented that I look like her when I have them

Initially, I balked at the comparison.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not insulted by the idea
of it.  Ms. Palin is quite pretty.  I just don’t see it.  Beyond the long brown hair, we don’t look that
much alike. Furthermore, my guess is that her hair doesn't smell like incense  all the time.   And besides, we have much different taste in

Come to think of it, we’re not really all that alike.

Or are we???

After I had received enough Sarah Palin comments, I did some
nosing around, and it turns out, that Ms. Palin and I have more in common than
I imagined.

Sarah: She wears glasses 

Ilene:  I wear

Sarah:  She’s a
marathon finisher!

Ilene:  I’m a marathon

Sarah:  She can see
Russia form her house.

Ilene:  My great
grandparents were from Russia!

Sarah:  Tina Fey does
a great impersonation of her.

Ilene: I love Tina Fey!

Sarah:  She has five

Ilene:  I have three
kids – chose enough!

Sarah:  She endorses
the tea party.

Ilene:  I like to
drink tea!

Sarah:  It’s estimated
that Palin got paid $15.85 per word during her three year contact with Fox.

Ilene:  I‘ve made
$15.85 in the past…by the hour, at least.   

Sarah:  She has a
Twitter account!

Ilene:  I have a
Twitter account!

Sarah:  She’s a hockey

Ilene:  I’m a cheer
– that’s kind of the same thing, right?

Sarah:  She and her
last employer, Fox News, are not renewing their contract.  

Ilene:  I’ve parted
ways with employers before too (it’s like we’re soul sisters!).

After I saw these similarities, I felt much closer to Sarah than
I ever had before.  Sometimes, it’s just a
matter of getting things down on paper, right?

Oh, and as far as us being look-alikes when we wear our
glasses?  I really don’t think so, but I’ll
let you decide.


Sarah P

Who’s your
celebrity double????

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Suddenly Sarah — 30 Comments

  1. I love my glasses, I really enjoy wearing them. I’m thinking about getting some contacts this year though. As for you looking like Sarah, I don’t see it, you look more friendly than her, lol.

  2. The similarities between you two are amazing :). Too funny. As for the photos, I guess I can see it but I don’t think I would have thought of it myself. I don’t think I have a double. People don’t really say I look like anyone.

  3. You are MUCH more intellectual looking than Sarah P. in glasses. 😉
    My celebrity doppleganger is apparently Geena Davis. I don’t see it, but that’s what I’ve been told.

  4. I feel the same way with my glasses. I got them two years ago when I started playing roller derby because it’s a rough contact sport and I didn’t want to break my glasses since they cost so much. So then after awhile I realized people didn’t treat me the same way without glasses as they did with my glasses. Now I wear contacts (due to the expense) when I need to because wearing glasses isn’t practical like theme parks or for sports.
    I was just dropping by since you were so kind as to comment on my blog on Monday when I was the SITS featured blogger. Also, I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog (it ends Tuesday) if you’d like to come back by and check it out that would be excellent!
    Your fellow SITStah,
    Sara Ivy

  5. Maybe you look a little like Sarah? I don’t wear glasses, except for when my mother was married to an opthamologist and he thought I needed them. SHe divorced him and I divorced my glasses. I did always feel very smart in them, though.
    I must add, I love how you found similarities with Sarah, when the reality is that you are so different. It’s how the whole world should be…since we’re all connected and everything …

  6. Wow-you do look like her! How funny that two of my favorite people look so much alike. You may be different in some of your beliefs, but you are both strong women and fierce mama bears at heart!
    Tina Fey does do a killer impersonation of her. She has done such a good job that the line from her SNL skit about seeing Russia has been attributed to Sarah. That’s a believable performance!
    I have no doubt I have a double, but I haven’t found them yet. Now you’ve got me thinking, and I’ll be watching folks more closely.

  7. Hey, SITStah,
    I am now entered in your giveaway!
    I love my contact lenses for running and yoga and things like that – and when I want to do up the glamour, but for work I really do prefer glasses (I 100% believe my boss trusts me more on those days) so I feel what you are saying above.
    I loved meeting you last week! And you are totally my false eyelash guru! xo Ilene

  8. Hahaahaha! I agree – you look like Tina Fey impersonating her, which is why people think you look like her. I think most people think of Fey first, because she’s more pleasant to think of. My favorite was “She endorses the tea party … I like tea”

  9. Oh man, it’s like you ladies are twins! 😉 When I was younger I was told I looked like Blossom (Mayim Bialik), but no one has told me that recently.

  10. New glasses for everyone who sees a resemblance! Sarah Palin is an attractive woman, but you are gorgeous (with and without glasses) and to me there is no comparison! Now about those other similarities … so funny, especially the tea and Tina Fey! Great post!

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