In Defense of Ex-Husbands


**Before I write one word here, let me begin by saying, that today, my
heart belongs to Boston.  
I send my condolences and prayers to all who were affected by yesterday’s
And, for those of us who have been gifted with life for one more day, never forget that we are here to live, and use up every inch of the space that we have been given.  So, dammit, go out and live. **


If you had asked me “what happened” a year ago, the answer
wouldn’t have been the same.

It would have been fueled with emotions, charged with anger,

“He did…”

“He said…”

“He never…”

I rode out that “him against me” feeling for months, with many
of you reminding me that I was right in
the matter
as a way of showing your support.

I admit it.  I asked
to you tell me I was right. I needed that kind of support at the time.  It helped justify what I was doing.

But am I right, or do I just hold a different world view?

If you were to ask me today what happened to my marriage, my
answer would be different than it was last year.  

Come join me today over at The Mom Café, for a chat about
ex-husbands, and why I’m willing to stand up for mine.

you’ve ever broken up with a man, a friend, a job, or a PTO committee, and felt
justified in being “right” in your reasons, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

really can’t gush enough about Chris Carter, the creator of The Mom Café.  She’s warm, wise, inspirational, and funny as
all heck.  You know when you meet someone
and you just instantaneously fall in love? 
That’s what happened for me with Chris.  Between her transparency, her humor, her amazing
spiritual insights, and her talent of putting her thoughts to words in the most
beautiful ways, I looked at her one day and thought, I’m going to keep this
lady around.

I’m so proud to call her a friend.

come on over to Christine’s page, will you? 




In Defense of Ex-Husbands — 18 Comments

  1. I can’t seem to comment over there, but your response is a beautiful testament to the love you shared for fifteen years. I’m so glad you both got out while you could still be friends. Hugs.

  2. I don’t feel insensitive *if* I make a statement, like the one above and also the nature of the post. This post was about love, and I think it’s always OK to post about love, in almost all cases. But again, like my post suggests, that not right or wrong but simply my point of view 🙂

  3. What a great post – you really do have a way with words. And it’s nice to see you get some nice recognition via other blogs. Obviously these fellow women know how to spot talent. 🙂

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