We stood on the grass as the van made its way over the
gravel driveway.  As it came to a stop,
E. emerged with a brown cocker spaniel in her arms. 

“This one’s yours!” she said as she handed the dog to me.
“Isn’t he a beauty?”


The kids gathered around me as we said hello to our first
foster dog Brock.

That was a year ago. 

We’ve fostered fourteen dogs since. 

Many people don’t understand why we have chosen to take in
dogs on a temporary basis as fosters versus adopt. 

Today, I’m explaining my famliy's decision to foster versus adopt over at Another
, the blog created by my dear friend Jennifer Barbour.   I am a
huge fan of Jennifer’s blog and in particular, her Philanthropy Friday series, which she uses to bring
awareness to various non-profit organizations and social causes. Jennifer’s
dedication to using her blog for social good is one of the many things that
turned me into a faithful follower. I am honored be featured today on Jennifer’s
Philanthropy Friday series to talk about fostering shelter
dogs. Won’t you
please join me there for my dog story? 





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  1. Fostering is wonderful! You must be a very organized and even temoered person since you don’t know what temperment each pup will bring. This one sure us a cutie! Not sure that I’d be able to give her up.

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