I’m Mom of the Year!

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I used to be that mom who “did it all.”

I was the breadwinner in my family.  I held a highly demanding  job where,  it wasn’t unusual for me to work my “9 to 5,” spend time with my three children, and then go back to work from my home office once I put them to bed.

Except after work and the kids, there was little time for me.

My life became an existence.

I resented my kids.

I resented my job.

I resented all of it.

Soon after my youngest turned 2, I decided to step off the corporate ladder.

For a few years, I was able to strike a balance between parenting and pursuing other things I loved.

I had time to exhale.


A year ago, when my husband and I split up.

At first, being a single parent was a shakeup in that required me,  to once again, “do everything,” including work three jobs to stay on top of the bills.

However, in time, I allowed being a single parent to shake up my thinking in that I’ve re-prioritized what’s important to me…and to my kids.

Is any mortgage worth working three jobs for?  Married or single?

I’ve made some radical decisions lately and there are some big changes for my family right around the corner.  Do the decisions I’ve made qualify me for Mom of The Year?

Come find out over at Meredith’s page.

See you there!

The Mom of the Year


I’m Mom of the Year! — 18 Comments

    • Thanks Michelle. It will be a new chapter and i’m ready for that, even though it’s sad to leave certain things behind. xo

    • Thanks, Jen. A huge physical leap and a huge leap of faith as well. But I think it’s going to be good. All very good… xo

    • I just loved the chance to be on your page and to share this story. Feeling and loving all of the love and support from you and the readers. So lucky. xo

  1. I too held a corporate job in consulting in over 10 years. I feel like I gave up everything for it in exchange for the all mighty dollar. Two years ago, I quite and took a job as an executive assistant. At the same time my husband became disabled and now I have to support the whole family, on a lot less money because I’m NOT willing to go back into that draining corporate world.

    I think you’re decisions do qualify you for Mom of the Year. They are hard decisions but just like on a plane you can’t take care of others until you take care of yourself.
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    • Yes, Carli, Yes! I feel like I gave up EVERYTHING for the $ when I worked in corporate. Especially now that I am packing up my house and selling stuff if not giving it away, I think of all of the hours I worked to buy that stuff -which is basically getting junked right now. I agree that we have to take are of ourselves first and amazingly when we do, our families are taken are of as well. Thank you for sharing part of your story with me here!

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