Maybe it was the parking ticket or the broken windshield or maybe it was the fact that my mother’s house, where I’m staying, had no internet or maybe it was the fact that I was under the same roof as my mother to begin with, but by Sunday, I started to lose my Namaste-ness.

OK, let’s be honest.   The Namaste-ness began to slip away weeks ago, the tension of having to be out of my house by closing time on Friday (which I made with an hour to spare) or the mounting conflict of dealing with the naysayers in my life, whom I’ve now blogged about ad nauseum, or the fact that I had to give up a lucrative order given to my baking business due to the fact that I couldn’t get the recipe to regulate to the oven I was left to work with after my move.

(Not to mention, that order could have paid for my windshield and parking ticket combined.  Hpmf.)

All of the above has made me whiny.   And not at all Fierce Diva like.   If you must know, I’ve been whining to anyone who’d listen.

Just Friday, I sent this tweet out to Tamara.

Wine and Wifi Tweet 2

And no, I wasn’t trying to be funny.  I was bitchin’ to her all right!

As a matter of fact, I sent the same request for wine and wifi in a text to Chris the next day.


Even La Scala’s pizza couldn’t bring my Namaste-ness back.

But getting Wifi did.

In particular, it was reading this post written by Allie about speed drills that put the biggest smile on my face in days.   Allie rocks in the biggest way possible.  She’s a dedicated fitness enthusiast and a huge running devotee.   In her post from last Thursday, If You Want to Run Faster, Allie wrote about how speed drills shaved 27 minutes off of her qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.

Did you hear me, people?  27 minutes!  That’s basically knocking off one minute per mile of your time when you’re running a 26.2.  Guys, that’s badass.

And as impressive as that fact was, the sentence in her post which almost overshadowed that astounding fact was, “I love running the way Anthony Weiner loves phone sex,” because between the badass time and that hilarious line, not only did I realize that this woman was a running goddess, but that she and I also have the same sense of humor (oh my gosh, Allie, I really wish I had thought of that one first!).

What I loved most about Allie’s post – even more than the line about Anthony Weiner, if that’s possible, is that the post centered around Allie doing things that were uncomfortable for her to do in order to net the results she wanted.  It reminded me of how much more open we can be to positive changes and progress in our lives when we can become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

That’s how we grow, people.  As a matter of fact, it’s the only way to grow.

I’ve been a runner for two decades, and I’ve never been fast.  As a matter of fact, at some point, I gave myself permission to not be fast because speed doesn’t come naturally for me, and I guess I never wanted to work at it.

After reading Allie’s post, I thought to myself, maybe I can be fast, or at the least, maybe I can be faster than I am right now.

I decided to work on my speed, even though my speed is pretty slow by most standards, but maybe that’s not a reason to give up trying.

So Sunday afternoon, I threw on my Mizunos and put my hair back in a ponytail, and found the stopwatch on my phone, and I ran speed drills.  I sprinted in two minute intervals a total of five times, with recovery periods in between.   I ran until I felt the burn in my quads and the fire in my lungs.  I ran as hard as I could.  Even if my version of fast wasn’t very fast, I tried the very best I could.

I challenged myself in a new way.

It’s easy to do the things we’re good at, but it’s not so easy to do the things we’re not good at.

I want to do the things I’m not good at more and not be afraid.  Because when we put ourselves out there, we change.  We change in the very best of ways.    I don’t know about you, but I still have a lot of changing I can do.

Thank you, Allie.

And thank you Anthony Weiner.  For what? I don’t know.  But I had to get one more AW reference in here somewhere.  🙂



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  1. Yes, being uncomfortable is the way to go for growth. It’s also one of the most important qualities a leader needs to have. And then you just lean in :).
    Also – you go, girl!
    (I”m totally uncomfortable right now, commenting from my phone and this may be a duplicate comment, not sure if I screwed up the first one. Sigh. Leaning in.)
    Kerstin @ Auer Life recently posted…Whaddayathink?My Profile

    • No worries! It wasn’t a duplicate comment! And talk about being uncomfortable for growth? What a big week for you that way! Congrats!

  2. The first day of school is the 26th… to me that is the New Year. I have a big plan to start the Couch to 5K program and save my love of wine for the weekend. It’s time.. I’ll be 45 in December and I’ve noticed that my metabolism has hit a brick wall. I will look to you for inspiration 🙂
    Kristen Daukas recently posted…When Your Baby turns 10My Profile

    • Oh, I love it! What if….we held each other accountable? Because I have a few fitness goals of my own I could use some accountability on for sure!

  3. Do you know that you are a FIERCE DIVA even when you are in your muck? Yep. You are. Because when you are weakest you are strongest… truly. And when you share posts like this, it makes me want to take my blog butt outside and run like I have never run before- even if I have bone on bone, fractured bone in my feet!
    Ah… your life and amazing strength inspires me.
    And oh how HONORED I feel that you can text me when you are going crazy! And how I can text you when I crumbling down…
    YOU, my friend- can limp and crawl and roll and stay still-because you will still STILL have a light that prevails.
    Chris Carter recently posted…Devotional Diary: FaithMy Profile

    • Oh, my friend! I would love to run with you – if you didn’t have a bone on bone fracture that is. But you’re not even running – you’re more like some airborne creature who spreads light to all of us, even in your more difficult moments. You inspire me all the time, my friend. All the time.

    • That was one of my biggest grown up life lessons, being comfortable with being uncomfortable. I write a blog about it at least ever few months…because *I* need the reminders!

  4. I’m so honored to be someone you bitched to. That made me happy. I didn’t know anything about a baking business..though. That made me sad for a hot second that although it feels like it sometimes, no, we definitely don’t know everything about each other yet! Then I got happy that there’s so much to learn.

    Sad you’re leaving or I’d send you on a friend blind date with Lindsay too. I think we’d all get along famously.
    Tamara recently posted…The Reluctant Graduate.My Profile

    • Did we even get to talk about the baking business on Tuesday? I forget. If not I will tell you about it for sure. And I want to meet Lindsay! I will one day for sure.

  5. That post from Allie was awesome!! The nice thing about running is anyone can be good at it, if you work at it. I wrote about running too today. But not about getting faster. I could use a few speed drills myself. But I was fast once upon a time. I just enjoy it now for enjoyment’s sake.
    Michelle recently posted…Staying Safe When You RunMy Profile

  6. I’m glad you got your namaste back! All of us bloggers get high off wifi:) Allie sounds like a winner! I have that same passion for group fitness, LOVE IT. I love the stretching your limits to push forward. This was on time for something I was debating. You seem to have a knack for very relatable and inspiring post! Be inspired to continue to be open!
    Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady recently posted…A Review of Les Mills BODYCOMBAT 56 : The MatrixMy Profile

    • I am so glad it was the right post at the right time for you! I know Allie’s post was the right one at the right time for me. That’s such a huge part about what I love about this blog world.

  7. Challenging ourselves really *is* the only way to grow. I’m so proud of you. I need to remember this. I get so comfy in my little zone that I am missing out. I do this with more than one thing in life. I’m going to be thinking about this today and figuring out a way to stretch myself a bit. It’s just what I need and you are *my* inspiration!! –Lisa
    The Dose of Reality recently posted…Racism For Ratings: Big Brother 15My Profile

    • I go through phases where I’m into the comfy and phases where I’m willing to let it get messy. It’s pretty messy right now – but in a good way! Besides, I’m not much on cleaning up or keeping things neat. Thank goodness you all were never able to see the inside of my house!

    • I never played Wifi – ever! It’s a teeny tiny business on hold until after I move. Hopefully I can start it up again down south. Gourmet granola is the main thing I bake. I will send you some one day!

    • I love that I get to do all the things that make up different parts of me, bake, run, teach yoga, and write of course. And yes ouch is right! Then windshield get replaced this Monday – for a hefty fee. :0

  8. It’s NOT easy to do things we’re not good at… or to want to try those things at all. I get really settled into my comfort zone sometimes. This is the week I’m going to bust it out. Not with running, but with work. It’s scary, but I’m so motivated to change things up for the better and I know that it’s the only way! XX
    Martha recently posted…Office DucksMy Profile

  9. Ilene, you have so much going on right now, I’m thinking pizza and wine are in order until you get settled into your new place. I love that you are challenging yourself right now. Change is good, my friend. Here’s to good friends, reliable wifi and delicious pizza!

    Also I am going to use the word Namaste-ness in a sentence today in your honor!
    another jennifer recently posted…A Vacation HaikuMy Profile

    • Isn’t the word namaste-ness the best? That may become a regular on my blog. And thanks for your kids words – There has been plenty of pizza and wine this week. Plenty…

  10. Ditto to what Tamara said about not knowing each other as well as we’d like. Baking? How cool! Great ovens are absolutely huggable, aren’t they? Well, when they are off, of course.

    Glad you are hanging in there in spite of your challenges. With all this talk of running, I may just get inspired to get out and walk more. 🙂

    Did you know I was an innkeeper for 5 years? I wrote a series of posts with tips, hints, etc. I don’t know if I can share anything you don’t already know, but there might be a helpful tidbit in here. Plus rich, sweet, yummy foods. You’ll have to get your run on for these!
    Kim recently posted…How to duck when life throws a punchMy Profile

  11. “when we put ourselves out there, that’s when we change”. So, so, so true. And, so,so,so, scary. Babysteps though, right? You aren’t going to get faster in one day. But slowly and surely, the changes happen. They have to happen. We just have to keep going! What were you supposed to bake anyways?
    leah davidosn recently posted…Monthly snaps of lifeMy Profile

    • It’s so true that all we have to do is keep taking those baby steps and change is inevitable. I bake gourmet granola mostly…when I have a working oven!

  12. I’m so overwhelmed!!! Thanks for all the love! I’m so happy it was what you needed, when you needed it!! I would also like to thank Anthony Weiner for just being who he is – HA!! Thank you Ilene – we should get together for drinks sometime:-)
    Allie recently posted…IF YOU WANT TO RUN FASTER…My Profile

    • And thank you for the right words at the right time! Your post rocked! I loved it and I have run speed drills on and off all week thanks to your words. And yes, I’d love to get together for a drink and when we do, we should make a toast to Anthony Weiner! xo

    • I missed you this summer too. And I thought of you a lot – because I missed you and also because I started swimming! Congrats on your move. And let’s hear it for Anthony Weiner jokes!

  13. Allie’s post was really great and reminded me of the importance of making ourselves uncomfortable. And, um, no wifi and living under the same roof with my mom and all the other stress that you’ve been under? I would have cracked a million times over.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted…Getting MuddyMy Profile

  14. Oh – sorry about the crappy parts (especially losing the big baking order – which, wow, awesome that you do that!!!).
    Glad that WiFi and reading a great blog post helped you!!! Sometimes I feel guilty for spending time reading blogs but then I read something like this and realize that it isn’t a bad thing!!!
    And, hooray for speed work!!!
    Kim recently posted…Based on a True StoryMy Profile

    • Thanks about the baking order – but getting Wifi has helped tremendously. And yes, let’s hear it for speedwork. That and the wifi and the wine have made my week!

  15. Lots of changing needed on this end too, sweet diva. Taking baby steps out of my comfort zone and it better all count as growth cause it’s the best I have right now! This growth stuff is scary shit, even for us bad asses! Here’s to growth, Wifi and Weiner jokes!
    Mary @ a Teachable Mom recently posted…Souvenirs For EveryoneMy Profile

    • When it comes to that scary growth stuff, I am walking right next to you my friend. Maybe it won’t be so scary for either of us if we do it together?

  16. Um…next time, you can bitch to me. 🙂 I love the line that it is easy to do what you are good at but when we do what we aren’t, we change for the better. This inspires me. I just got an email about becoming a contributor to a website that would make me a little uncomfortable (being on a deadline) but maybe I should do it. Maybe I need to change in this way. I absolutely love your blog and your words.
    AnnMarie recently posted…In an InstantMy Profile

    • Oh, AM – I hope you took the opportunity at the website! That sounds so exciting! And next time, I will bitch to you! That is the sweetest offer!

  17. I think we lose our Namaste-ness sometimes in order to regroup and refocus and dig deep and find it again. Sorry there have been so many challenges lately, but so happy that you have found joy and new challenges and growing along the way.
    Kim recently posted…What the [BOOP]?My Profile

    • Yes, I think you are so right, about the losing it and regrouping and losing it and regrouping. It’s the one step forward two steps backward that make life what it is!

  18. Again… yet another wonderful read! Thanks for sharing. I missed out on alot of opportunity many years ago not because of my lack of ability but because of my lack of security. I was uncomfortable and afraid of something different. The day I found out I was pregnant with my little bundle of inspiration (unplanned I may add) my vision changed. My fearlfulness subsided and I have been living life “uncomfortable” ever since! LOL.. Meaning nothing will stand in the way of my true destiny. Thanks for sharing Ilene! ~Leah~
    Leah Elizabeth Locklear recently posted…HAPPIER, HEALTHIER YOU!My Profile

    • Thank you Leah. What you say rings so true to me, missing out on opportunities not due to your lack of ability but to your lack of security? I know that road too and I am so glad that you were able to change direction. May nothing ever falter your vision!

    • It’s so true that great things happen in that place right outside of where we’re most comfortable! Thank you for your kind words my friend!

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