Old Friends We’ve Just Met


First, I’ll share the big news.

I have a new man in my life.

He’s absolutely gorgeous.

Holding him feels like pure heaven.

He drools a little bit and he’s shorter than I am.

But I can live with that in exchange for his captivating stare and impish smile.


His name is Des.

You may in fact know Des’ mother, Tamara, if you are in the blog world.


I became enamored with Tamara a few months back, when our worlds virtually collided out here in theblogosphere.  Her site became a fast favorite of mine, and then Tamara herself became a favorite of mine, because after a while, of reading and loving someone’s words and feeling like most of what she says resonates with you, you begin to not just adore the words but adore the person who writes them.

And then at some point, you make a new friend.


And then you joke with that friend on Twitter, asking to send you wifi and wine, since she knows from prior messages that you’re at your mother’s house without internet.  And then that friend brings another cherished blogging friend into the conversation, one whose site you also adore and who has become a valued and supportive friend in the past few months. and the joke about meeting at a Starbucks somewhere in between the Jersey Shore and Western Massachusetts isn’t a joke anymore, because all of you really want to meet.  And then you take the conversation off Twitter and into email and make a plan, and you pick the first possible day that you are all available for your meet up, because all of you are so excited to do this that you don’t want to wait any longer to meet than you have to.

And this is exactly what led up to last Tuesday, the day that I met Tamara and Des and became reacquainted with Michelle Nahom and her three lovely children and Stephanie Rufa, both whom I met briefly at Bloogy Boot Camp in Charlotte last May.

 All four of us and Des

There’s something magical about spending time with the people whose words you read and love, and then spending enough time with them that you do, indeed know, that you love the people behind the words.

There’s something magical about seeing your children play together.


And playing with their children yourself.


There’s so much joy in the day that you never quite want it to end.


Even when it’s apparent that it’s time to go.


There’s the sad in saying goodbye but the happiness in knowing that a day like last Tuesday, was really a “hello.”

Old Friends-L

Thank you Michelle, for hosting this extraordinary day – and thank you both Tamara and Michelle for use of these gorgeous photos.

And thank you Tamara, for tweeting this quote, which perfectly sums up last Tuesday:

“There’s not a word yet, for old friends we’ve just met.”

~The Muppet Movie



Old Friends We’ve Just Met — 83 Comments

    • That sounds awesome actually! I’ve met a few Midwest bloggers. I highly recommend a meet up – if possible – to anyone who blogs!

  1. Aw! That quotation has it just right. That’s EXACTLY what it feels like to meet your bloggy friends. It actually made me tear up!

    I absolutely love that you guys got together. You all look so happy. I’ll be smiling all day thinking about it! These photos are BEAUTIFUL! (It’s now on my bucket list to have Tamara photography my children)

    Love you guys! –Lisa

    • This new man in my life is about as awesome as they get. And you would love Tamara and Michelle and Steph IRL. They’re amazing. As I’m sure you are too, my friend.

    • I miss Des too. Let me know what the little guy wants for Christmas 🙂 (And Scarlet too!)

    • Three cheers for sure! It was like that same kind of girlfriend high as running into you and Mary at BlogHer!

  2. How lovely that all of you met!
    And that I know all 3 of you, and wish I could be there.
    There is something magical about seeing photos of people on their blogs, in someone else’s blog.
    Such is the power of blogging, community and friendship.
    Alison recently posted…Birthday Bonanza {Giveaway}My Profile

    • There was no way anyone could have explained the community to me 18 months ago. No way at all. You just kind of have to experience it – and then it leaves a writer like me…speechless.

    • I wish I had more time with you Steph! I guess that means we will have to do this again!

    • I really want to meet you one day Kim. I have a feeling that as lovely as you are on your blog, you are about a thousand times more awesome IRL. One day I’ll know that first hand.

    • I love that we all felt like old friends. It’s a gift when you can walk into a room – or a backyard for that matter, and feel as comfortable as we all did that day.

  3. So I have a love-hate relationship with the good ol’ internet. I met my husband online in college. I was moving to Virginia, he found me through a non-dating site and saw that I was moving to his town. We hit it off, met, and it’s been nearly 10 years that we’ve been together. Reason #1 that I love the internet. Reason #2 is the ability to share my photos/life and keep up-to-date with friends. That’s really important to me, because after being a military brat and moving all over the place, I’ve rekindled so many old friendships. Then there’s reason #3…friends I’ve never met but have a special place in my heart. Friends I’ve met through blogging that are truly inspiring – their strong marriages, ability to lift people up, their relationships with God, their ability to overcome…the list goes on. Every one of the people I love most (including you, even when I’m being quiet…) has something unique and wonderful to offer me as inspiration.

    All of this far outweighs the things I don’t like about the internet. <3 So glad you had a wonderful time meeting them.
    Melissa @ Live, Love, & Run recently posted…Plugin on the fritz.My Profile

    • Your comment gave me chills – because you inspire me in such a similar way. And even as a blogger, I 100% understand that love/hate relationship with the internet. Last Tuesday, was obviously a “love” day – I am so grateful for blogging and leading me to people that I may not have met otherwise. Both IRL, and online, such as you.

    • It was a great road trip. Michelle could not have been a more gracious host and Tamara and Steph and Michelle are even more awesome IRL. Plus, I can speak from experience that you would have fit in just beautifully!

  4. Ohhh, how awesome that you had an impromptu bloggy meet-up! Sounds like a wonderful day. I can’t wait to meet some of my bloggy buddies (present company included!) for the first time. And I’m joining Lisa and adding it to my bucket list to have Tamara photograph my girls too!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted…My Optic Nerve Love FestMy Profile

    • I agree that you must have Tamara photograph your kids! She’s amazing – photographer, friend, person. As are Steph and Michelle. Gosh, would I love to meet you IRL at the next one. How fun would that be?

        • Nicole, I will be on the North Carolina Coast as of Monday! And there has been much talk that the next meet up will in our neck of the woods! We have to do it indeed!

  5. I am totally SWOONING over these pictures!!!!! SO beautiful!! So precious… as are the people that light up the lens. Oh, what a glorious day for you all!!! My heart has a bit of sadness that I couldn’t be with you… there in those moments.

    This kind of bonding is one of the greatest joys we can ever discover in our lives. I am SO happy you had it. And you live it. And you treasure it. 🙂
    Chris Carter recently posted…Devotional Diary: A New Day, A New Perspective Psalm 118:24My Profile

    • I thought about you so much last Tuesday and how it only seemed right that would have been there! We have to work on this my friend. Seriously, we do.

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  7. That quote is awesome! The Muppets got it all right. So amazing to meet up with people who have touched your souls and spend some time hearing their outer voices and not just their inner ones. And meet their gorgeous kids! Wow – beautiful pictures! I am so happy you got to have this time together, and totally jealous too! Meeting bloggy friends would be so special and I can’t wait for that day to come!
    leah davidosn recently posted…Terms of EndearmentMy Profile

    • Leah, you’ve already promised me a hug in person one day, and I’m going to hold you to that! xo

    • Ha! Yes! That happy tremor in the force last week was our meet up for sure! And our meetup will be soon, I hope, given we southern belles will only be one state away from each other!

  8. I have loved reading all 3 of y’all’s posts about your incredible meet up day (still trying not to be a bit jealous that I don’t live close to any of y’all!). So cool that you were able to not just talk about it but set it up and have such a great time!!!
    Kim recently posted…You Need Soap!My Profile

    • We moved past the talking stage pretty quickly! Which was certainly what made this happen. The day was a gift, and I am so glad that you have been able to experience it with us virtually, at the least!

    • Thank you for being a part of our online celebration of our meet up! It was such a special day, as only a blogger who has made the same connections would understand.

    • I feel so grateful to have been part of this! Now, to get the SoCo and the East Coast people in one place!

  9. Oh okay, so we’re rubbing it in I see. I just left Tamara’s site where I read and saw that you all created your own little bloggy convention then I come here and see that the fun was definitely on. So sweet that you all have created something beyond typing and reading. Very nice.
    Andrea recently posted…Blogging Politics: There are Levels to ThisMy Profile

    • We’re doing this again, you know. It will be in the southeast next time, versus the north. Nothing would make me happier if you’d make an appearance. I would love to meet the warm, wise woman that you are in person!

    • I’m touched that you took a break from your sabbatical to celebrate our celebration with us! I know you understand how awesome it is to meet bloggy friends in person! xo

    • And we love you too, Nellie! We all do! You are so positive and warm and inspiring. I wish I had more than a half a second to talk to you in Charlotte. Next time, for sure. And yes, holding Des was nothing short of heaven.

    • Thank you my friend – and you are one of the bloggy friends I am so GRATEFUL to have met!

    • I wish you had been there too! I know you met Michelle (and Step?) in Charlotte and you would have loved Tamara!

  10. This is SO awesome! I to have to agree with Tamara from the pics you appear to be a total “babe”! I do want to just cuddle up with Des also!!! I wanna join the club, can we meet in the middle? I know I’m in the south… argh. jealous down here…
    Amber recently posted…22 Things Happy People Do DifferentlyMy Profile

    • Oh, Amber, you are so sweet. That just made my night! There was some preliminary talk that the next one of these impromptu meet ups will in fact be more south. We will keep you posted!

    • In some ways, it really does feel like my blog friends know me better. I am always so grateful to meet a blog friend in real life! And yes, that Des – looking awesome in that Jimi Tee shirt! Don’t you love it?

    • So lucky, Sarah! It was like Blogher part 2! And yes, that muppet song should be the theme songs for bloggers who get to meet!

    • It was a blast! And yes, thanks to Tamara and Michelle, we have so many great photos that captured the day!

  11. It’s absolutely the best to meet online friends and realize they are real friends. I’ve done that a couple of times and it’s such an immense gift. You’re right: it’s a hello! xox

    • Yes! It’s a wonderful hello and a huge gift! And they are real friends. In the past 18 months, they have become some of my best friends for sure!

    • Between BlogHer and this, I feel like I’ve won the “meeting blog friends in real life” lottery this summer!

  12. This is so cool and I’m so glad that you ladies were able to hook up!! The friendships that we make are some of the best ones that transcend all kinds of time and space and even the outdated pleasantries…looking good ladies!!
    Krystal recently posted…Better HostessesMy Profile

  13. I so wish you had been there, Eli. Especially if you would have been willing to go out to get us pizza. Pizza from New Jersey that is.

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