I Looked Up

It’s time to mingle again!  I feel compelled to serve something healthy in honor of Maribel.  Green smoothie anyone? It’s difficult to categorize Maribel’s blog in a word or two except to say that much of what she writes about revolves around making positive change.  And who can’t use a little of that?  Maribel writes about healthy eating, positive living, and about broadening our mindsets every way possible.  Maribel’s blog offers great health, fitness and eating tips while at the same time, she shares her personal journey with us.  The anecdotes she shares include but are not limited to eating, … Continue reading

This Is 43

Yes! We’re mingling again!  This time, with AnnMarie from Tidbits from the Queen of Chaos.  I just love AnnMarie and while I can’t remember exactly how we ran into each other in this vast blogosphere, once I found her, I decided to stick as close as possible to this funny, wise, warm hearted woman.   AnnMarie just had a birthday, by the way. Who wants cake??? A little over a week ago, I turned 43. When I was in my 30’s, I dreaded my 40’s. I had a whole list of things I was going to do before I was 40. … Continue reading

I’m Mom of the Year!

I used to be that mom who “did it all.” I was the breadwinner in my family.  I held a highly demanding  job where,  it wasn’t unusual for me to work my “9 to 5,” spend time with my three children, and then go back to work from my home office once I put them to bed. Except after work and the kids, there was little time for me. My life became an existence. I resented my kids. I resented my job. I resented all of it. Soon after my youngest turned 2, I decided to step off the corporate … Continue reading

Fierce Parenting: Listening Changes Everything

We’re mingling again! This time, Adrienne is here!  Adrienne was one of my early friends in the blog world, who I believe I met through Shell’s Pour Your Heart Out weekly link up.  There’s nothing like eating chocolate when we pour our hearts out to friends, in real life or virtual (is there a difference, though?  My blog friends are my real friends), or drinking coffee or wine.  So, that’s what I’m serving up today in honor of Adrienne.  I love this woman.  She is kind, wise, and has a strong and admirable faith.  I learn so much from her every time … Continue reading

My Dreams

It’s time to mingle once again!   I wasn’t sure what to serve today for my guest of honor, Tricia, from Raising Humans.  If you were at Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte over the weekend, then you would recall I said “no” to the pie, hoarded fruit, and really love black olives.   There has to be a menu in there somewhere, right? Tricia is one of those gems that I found through the SITS Girls.  She’s a gifted writer who inspires me in every post to capture the small moments, moments which Tricia articulates with thoughtful attention and heart and beautiful words.  I am in love with this post … Continue reading

The Misconception About Philanthropy

  Today’s mixer is BYOB! That would be, “Bring your own bacon.”Today’s guest of honor, Jennifer Barbour, is a bacon lover, pie hater, mom to two boys and three dogs, and all around do-gooder.   If you haven’t checked out Jennifer’s blog at anotherjennifer.com, it’s definitely worth the read.  Jennifer writes about motherhood, living in Maine, blogging, social media, and she also lends her voice to an abundance of worthy causes, through her Philanthropy Friday series.   I am so happy to have Jennifer here on my page today.  Please give her a warm welcome! photo credit  When I worked for a nonprofit, I was the person … Continue reading


  We stood on the grass as the van made its way over the gravel driveway.  As it came to a stop, E. emerged with a brown cocker spaniel in her arms.  “This one’s yours!” she said as she handed the dog to me. “Isn’t he a beauty?” The kids gathered around me as we said hello to our first foster dog Brock. That was a year ago.  We’ve fostered fourteen dogs since.  Many people don’t understand why we have chosen to take in dogs on a temporary basis as fosters versus adopt.  Today, I’m explaining my famliy's decision to … Continue reading

Midfielders Make the World Go Round

It’s time to mingle again! This time, with Eli from Coach Daddy. I could never dream of asking Eli over without serving pizza, so please! Grab a slice. A brilliant story teller, Eli chronicles life and parenthood with humor and heart, from anecdotes about coaching soccer, to some of the unusual questions he fields from his daughters, to his “almost” convincing justification of Chick Fil A not being a fast food. Today’s post combines the many elements that makes Eli’s voice so compelling. A soccer metaphor, some philosophy, and a tribute to his girls. The kids’ shirt said a lot … Continue reading

Two Worlds

  I’m back in my hostess dress again!  This time, I’m serving up mimosas and lattes to celebrate my guest of honor, Chris Carter from The Mom Café.  I really can’t gush enough about Chris.  She’s a new friend who feels like an old friend, because she’s just that wonderful. She’s warm, wise, inspirational, funny, and her writing is full of gratitude, encouragement and reflects her very strong faith.   Once you have read her post here, I encourage you to visit The Mom Café to read some more of her amazing material. I love the topic Chris has chosen for … Continue reading

In Defense of Ex-Husbands

  **Before I write one word here, let me begin by saying, that today, my heart belongs to Boston.  I send my condolences and prayers to all who were affected by yesterday’s tragedy. And, for those of us who have been gifted with life for one more day, never forget that we are here to live, and use up every inch of the space that we have been given.  So, dammit, go out and live. ** ### If you had asked me “what happened” a year ago, the answer wouldn’t have been the same. It would have been fueled with emotions, … Continue reading