Get it Done, Diva!

I had grand visions for the night.  I would fold and put away the clean laundry that had been sitting in a basket for a better part of the week, I would catch up on reading blog posts, and work on my book outline.  I would shampoo my carpets and clean the bathtub that had been taken over by soap scum.  I would take care of the bills and return every unreturned email sitting in my inbox, some of which dated back to August.  C. was taking my kids for the night, all three, a gesture which was both brave … Continue reading

Got Thoughts?

You hate your job.  Or your boss.  Or your spouse.  Or your best friend. You live in fear of financial insecurity, or perhaps rejection.  Maybe you think that everyone is judging you. You want to go back to school or learn accounting, computers, how to knit, or do yoga, but you come up with excuses not to try and then you beat yourself up for not trying. You want to lose ten pounds but you can’t stop eating.  You blame it on stress. Every action or non-action we take is fueled by a thought.  That thought leads to a behavior. … Continue reading

Setting Goals: The Power of “Why”

Last week, I used the principles of fiction writing as an analogy for creating well focused goals. I invited you to explore the idea of creating one primary goal for you "story" and formulating secondary goals that support your "plot line." This week, I introduce another element of fiction writing to help you examine your goals:  Outer motivation versus inner motivation. If you examine a work of fiction closely, you will see that most main characters have a tangible, specific goal they want to accomplish by the end of the story.  For instance, in the original "Rocky" movie, Rocky wants … Continue reading

Life Is Your Story: Choose Plot Points Wisely

Several years ago, I had dabbled in writing fiction.  During this period of time, I also began to teach fiction writing classes at our local community college as part of their summer learning series.     Next week, I return to campus to participate in the 2012 summer program, so I have dusted off my notes to review the materials I use with my students. While going through my lectures last week, I was reminded of the importance of a writer setting goals for the main character, and to pay just as much attention to how the main character goes about … Continue reading

Meditate, Run, Sleep: Chasing Goals Week 2

Last week, I began participating in The Weekly Chase, an incentive started by fellow blogger Melissa at Live Love and Run, where we log weekly goals and share them with others for accountability. Here is a recap of my goals from last week and progress report: 1)   Continue my plank a day:  All good here 2)   Veganize my home:  Done.  I have been vegan as of Tuesday of last week.  3)   Run my fastest mile ever!  Last week I caught a virus and had to cut back on the intensity of my runs.  This week for sure, I will get a time on … Continue reading

When I Grow Up

What do you want to do when you grow up? It's the question we have been asked since kindergarten, if not sooner.  In my first grade essay, I said I wanted to be a nurse. In fifth grade, I said attorney. The first time I went to college, I decided to become an English teacher. The second time I went to college, I thought I'd be a writer. By my third try at college, I was no longer focused on what I wanted to do.  I just wanted to graduate.    I took my first post-bachelor's degree job out of … Continue reading

Dogs Conquer All

When I told my husband that we needed "dog energy" in our house, he looked at me as if I had three heads.  I'm used to this look. As the poster girl for "Yoga-As-The-Answer," this is the same look I get from my husband when I mention to him that one of my chakras is out of alignment, or that I'm having trouble focusing with my third eye.  "Maybe your third eye needs glasses," my husband will say from across the dinner table, devouring his steak and mashed potatoes, as I sit opposite him with my plate of quinoa and … Continue reading

MJ Goes Down

We were surrounded by them, a small army of corporate fembots in Ann Taylor suits and Kate Spade shoes who doubled as informants for the bosses.  MJ had a code name for each of them that she'd use in her emails or texts, when one of them was up to no good. "Gucci Pants in the vending machine corner on her cell phone.  Whispering.  Someone's busted!"  "Peep Show  complaining that we take too long on our work.  She really needs to button up her shirt."   MJ was as tough as steel.  She worked like a machine, she could drop … Continue reading

Diva’s Wild Night Out

"You're comin'," she growled.  "You're gettin' get your wimpy little Diva ass out to that bar or I'm gonna pop you one, I swear." I knew Trixie meant business, because she was getting all "Brooklyn" on me.  "You know me, Trixie.  I don't last past 9:30.  Besides, it's a school night. " Trixie sighed.  It was a loud sigh, the kind they might have heard in Detroit. "For someone who eats as much kale and does as much yoga as you, you should have a little more energy than that. Doncha think?"    "I'm up at 4:30 in the morning.  I'm … Continue reading

Fierce Fashion

As a Fierce Diva, I have committed myself to a strict social code of conduct, which goes something like this: Treat everyone as if they are a good friend, including strangers. Give people the benefit of the doubt, even in situations where I feel threatened. Have compassion for others, especially those who have hurt me.   Never leave the house in sweatpants that have writing across the ass. Ever. If you are a post collegiate hanging out at the beach house for the weekend, go ahead and wear your writing-across-the-ass sweatpants.  That's what they're for.  Knock yourself out, and wear … Continue reading