I haven’t listened to the pitchers and catchers report once this year, guys. Quite truthfully, I’m avoiding baseball entirely. Avoidance seems to be the best way for me to deal with a bout of cognitive dissonance that began last spring, when I, a supposed tried and true Yankee fan, got all hot and bothered by another team. To make matters worse, that team was the Mets. ### I married into Yankee fandom eleven years ago. My husband, a California native, traded in his beloved Padres for the Pinstripes when he arrived in New Jersey as a teenager. We had … Continue reading

Miles to Go Before I Sleep – Fierce Diva Anniversary Edition

  I was going for witty and slightly profound.  I thought I’d sprinkle in a little bit of my “yoga talk,” as I often do. But the words weren’t there. So after 17 drafts or so, I scratched the idea of writing a "first anniversary of blogging post" and decided to speak my post instead. I created a vlog. In the words of Lisa and Ashley, "Oh. honey! No!"  That vlog was disastrous – like bad enough for Lisa and Ashley's pinboard disastrous.  My eyebrows move when I talk.  A lot. When I viewed the video I took of myself … Continue reading

Down There

  I know it’s something important when R. calls me on my cell phone, especially since she’d prefer to avoid talking on the phone altogether. R., if you recall, phoned me a few months ago about my root chakra. It was an urgent call and the kind of call that only a best friend could make, and this day was no different, as I heard my phone ring while pulling into a parking space at Target. “You need to learn to walk with your vagina,” R. says matter-of-factly as I turn off my car. “Say what?” “I’m reading a book on … Continue reading

Suddenly Sarah

I love my glasses.  Even though I’ve been wearing contact lenses since seventh grade, there is something about putting on a pair of glasses and become a slightly different version of myself that I’ve always enjoyed.  I look smarter, more credible.  I bet I could conduct an experiment to prove that my boss has more trust in my work on the days that I show up bespeckled.  I feel authoritative in glasses.  I feel like an expert…in what, I don’t know, but certainly in something. I don’t at all feel like Sarah Palin in my glasses, however, from time to … Continue reading

My Life in Numbers

I don’t get to Greta Funk’s blog as often as I’d like, so when I stumbled upon her “My Life in Numbers” link up via Kristen, I thought, well here’s my chance to say hello to Greta while revealing myself in this rather clever fashion. Greta seems to depend on coffee just as much as I do.  We have also dropped out of college the same number of times (2).  And while I finally did get a degree, Greta went ahead and got 2 of them!   Although, like Greta, I have not done that much with my major either (English).  … Continue reading

Six Months of Fierce

I begin with a confession.  I’m not really all that “fierce.” I am the woman behind the curtain, a diminutive woman, at that, who from time to time, speaks loud enough into the blogosphere to capture your attention. My beliefs are fierce.  My attitude is fierce.  But that bad-ass, ninja, anarchist?  She’s a projection on a wall.   Sorry, guys, but if you need someone powerful enough to transport you back to Kansas from some far away land, you are going to have to seek help from someone else. I fumble constantly.  With the confidence in my own abilities, with my … Continue reading

Meet The Diva

First of all, darlings, let's get something straight. The "diva" on this blog is not the least bit bitchy or back biting or snobby.  My diva treats herself and others with respect.  She never puts other people down for  the sake of feeling superior to them.  She does not engage in drama but aspires to bring harmony and peace to those around her.  She puts herself first in a healthy manner, because she understands that when she feels cared for,  she has more to give others.    My diva is fierce, not in a way that is confrontational or threatening, … Continue reading