The Fierce Diva Guide to Gift Giving

I would not be serving my purpose if I did not remind you on a regular basis that a Fierce Diva never spends  beyond her means.   Many Divas I know can budget for themselves yet they get into trouble when buying gifts for other people.  For those of you whose finances fly out of balance at Christmas time or to buy wedding or birthday presents, remember this: Fierce Divas do not have to give expensive gifts  - especially expensive gifts that they cannot afford – to express love, admiration, friendship, gratitude,  or congratulations.  The monetary value of a gift is … Continue reading

Diva on the Cheap

If you read my Fierce Finances post, you already know that Fierce Divas never spend beyond their means.  They don't overspend to make themselves or others happy, because they understand that happiness is not dependent upon our external circumstances.  Fierce Divas especially don't overspend to keep up with the Diva Next Door, because they don't have a need to keep up appearances.  Remember, Divas, appearances are illusions.  Despite her 3-carat diamond ring and perfectly landscaped yard, the Diva Next Door isn't happy.  If she was, she wouldn't be flirting with your husband or posting unflattering pictures of you on Facebook! … Continue reading

Fierce Finances

If there is one Fierce Diva cardinal rule of finances,  it is that Fierce Divas never, EVER spend beyond their means. This holds especially true if you are stretching beyond your budget to purchase luxury items.   To be clear, a vacation is a luxury item.  A gym membership is a luxury item.  A restaurant meal is a luxury item, as is a new pair of shoes.  I see Divas over spend for 2 reasons.  The first is to make others happy.  Our Diva feels she "has to" bring a toy every time she visits her niece, or that it's her … Continue reading