Life Is Your Story: Choose Plot Points Wisely

Several years ago, I had dabbled in writing fiction.  During this period of time, I also began to teach fiction writing classes at our local community college as part of their summer learning series.     Next week, I return to campus to participate in the 2012 summer program, so I have dusted off my notes to review the materials I use with my students. While going through my lectures last week, I was reminded of the importance of a writer setting goals for the main character, and to pay just as much attention to how the main character goes about … Continue reading

Meditate, Run, Sleep: Chasing Goals Week 2

Last week, I began participating in The Weekly Chase, an incentive started by fellow blogger Melissa at Live Love and Run, where we log weekly goals and share them with others for accountability. Here is a recap of my goals from last week and progress report: 1)   Continue my plank a day:  All good here 2)   Veganize my home:  Done.  I have been vegan as of Tuesday of last week.  3)   Run my fastest mile ever!  Last week I caught a virus and had to cut back on the intensity of my runs.  This week for sure, I will get a time on … Continue reading

The Power Of Goals: The Weekly Chase

Earlier today, I discovered a great weekly blog link up created by Melissa Durham of Live Love and Run.  It is called The Weekly Chase and is a forum upon which to create goals for the week ahead.  I’m a huge fan of setting goals.  I have yearly goals, monthly goals, daily goals, and so on.  I’m also a big list maker, where I write down my different goals.  If you were to walk into my office, you would see lists everywhere.  I have a yoga list, a running list, a blog list, etc.  Goals come in many different forms.  … Continue reading

Diva Needs New Shoes

I miss my mom and pop running shoe store.  I miss Christine, who, the first time we met, had me remove my shoes and socks, while she got down on the floor eye level with my bare feet, to study them.   Christine and I spoke the same language:  over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, and collapsing arches.  She had introduced me to Brooks Adrenalines, which marked the beginning of a running shoe romance, which is still going strong. Christine closed shop two years ago, thanks to the recession and a high rental situation, and I am still searching for my new shoe store. … Continue reading

Confessions of a Slow Poke Runner

When people hear I'm a runner, they assume I book down neighborhood streets at super hero speed!   That I am nothing more than a blur as I sprint by!  That I could qualify for the Boston Marathon!  Because in order to be a runner, you have to be fast, right? Well, in my case, that couldn't be farther from the truth. One of the reasons I started running was because no other team sport wanted me.   You will hear no pity from me over this, because quite honestly, I can't blame them.  I sucked at team sports. I made enemies … Continue reading

I Am A Runner

Early on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, I slip out of the house before my children awaken.  I head down to the quaint seaside town of Spring Lake, New Jersey, not for a beach day, but to participate in the  Spring Lake Five, a five mile road race, which, in the past 35 years, has transitioned from a small town happening to a nationally recognized event.  The race was founded in 1977, as the running craze was gaining momentum on the heels of Frank Shorter's Olympic marathon win in 1972. My father was part of that 1970's running explosion, … Continue reading