Dear Supreme Court

  Dear Supreme Court,   I’m not coming to you today as a human rights activist or a gay rights activist or as a liberal. Rather, I’m coming to you as a highly flawed individual who has failed at my 11-year marriage.   As a heterosexual woman in the middle of a divorce, I’m asking you to recognize marriage equality. Because in my belief, any two people who are willing to a make marriage work, should have one. Marriage is hard. And if you must know, it’s been too hard for me to figure out so far in this lifetime. … Continue reading

Finding Infinity

The fall was a blur.  Suddenly, there was one of me, and one of me to get everything done that used to get done by two.  There were the logistics of running a house, paying for a house, and being the 24/7 parent for my children, with little to no down time.   In the back of my mind, I knew there were “big decisions” that needed to be made, yet, I promised myself in the heat of my finding my footing, that I would put off those decisions until January.  The one crusade that I had decided upon was being … Continue reading

Finding The Fire

The end of 2012 hit with a bang – but not the kind of bang I expected.  We were sick this week, the kids and I.  Like, “super sick.”  The little one spiked a fever so high on Christmas night, that I was ready to drive her to the ER, until the Motrin, tepid baths, and cool wash cloths lowered her temperature “just enough” that I knew she was out of danger.  My older girl followed suit the next day, and then I came down with a full blown version of whatever they had which sent me begging my doctor … Continue reading

The Walk

We were half way around the block before I broached the subject, down by the lake behind my mother’s house, where we were visiting that Sunday afternoon. I grew up by that lake, walking my family dog, riding my skateboard, and flirting with first crushes on warm summer evenings.   After days of making excuses, it was time to let her in.  “Honey, I wanted to talk to you about something,” I say, fumbling into the conversation. “What Mommy?”  Miss F. asks, half listening while picking the wildflowers that grow along the sidewalk.  “Daddy…” I hesitate, “Went to live with Grandpa.” … Continue reading