Diva Goes Green

I have a hot, mad, crazy crush on kale. This super-sexy, green leafy vegetable has been has been linked to lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease, assisting in the prevention of cancer, and increasing DNA repair in cells. Kale is also one of the rock stars of the anti-inflammatory diet, which I first introduced to my Divas in "Fierce Skincare," on March 1, 2012. In "The Truth About Kale," on webmd.com,  Kathleen Zelman, reports that kale contains the following vitamins and minerals:     15% of the daily requirement of calcium (to maintain strong bones and teeth) 15% … Continue reading

Diva Does Dessert

I have an enormous, unrelenting sweet tooth.  As a child, my excitement for Halloween and the candy it promised far outweighed my enthusiasm for any of the "gift" holidays, such as birthdays or Christmas.  My favorite perk as a new driver in high school was being able to drive to a store any time I wanted to buy Oreo's, ice cream, or a "pounder" bag of M&M's.   In college, my love affair with sugar intensified. It was not unusual for me to wake up and greet the day with a sleeve of Chips Ahoy cookies before heading to class. My … Continue reading

Fierce Skincare

I  am a recovering skin care junkie. I have been wearing anti-wrinkle creams since high school and have tried dozens of potions and lotions, made with every "magic" ingredient on the market, from Vitamin C, to collagen, to Retinol, to amino peptides.  I have sampled creams from  drug store quality to moisturizers that cost…well…as much as a monthly car payment.  High end moisturizers are a luxury that not many can afford, but it turns out that the ultra-expensive stuff might not be necessary for us to keep the crow's feet to a minimum.    Several years ago, Dr. Andrew Weil … Continue reading