#leapoffaith: Call for Submissions

Hello old friends.  Re-posting from the Hippie Chick Granola Co. Blog because I know many of you will have amazing stories for me. xo He sat with the book in front of him, a blank stare washed over his face.  He didn’t know the words and was hesitant to try.  He read what he could and attempted to sound out the rest.  He was nervous. Reading had not come easily for him, and over time, a vicious cycle set in.  He’d try, he wouldn’t get it. He began to try less and less because he started to question the point … Continue reading

A Modern Family Romance Part Two

I wasn’t sure about the house.  It was close to the beach, it had a second floor wrap around porch that lent a great view of the ocean.  It had a ground level bedroom for guests.  But there were faults.  The rooms were small and musty and paneled with dark wood.  The kitchen wasn’t the least bit modern.  There was no dishwasher.  The clothing dryer was old.  Would the landlord call someone to fix it if it broke down?  I didn’t have much time to find a place to live, and rentals were sparse on our island, affordable rentals were … Continue reading

No Holding Back for Alexa

When I met Alexa B. at Bloggy Boot Camp Charlotte last year, I was just becoming familiar with her work as a writer and advocate of infant and newborn health. I remember thinking that she was just as warm and outspoken in person as I had found her to be on her blog, and that her ability to take the unthinkable tragedy of losing a daughter and that dedicating her life to educating, advocating, and healing others in similar circumstances, instantaneously earned Alexa hero status in my eyes. In this past year, I’ve watched Alexa publish a book, I’ve watched … Continue reading

I Love Your Blog

I almost quit blogging this fall.  There’s not one simple reason, but many, which, at times, I can’t make sense of myself.   For one thing, I knew that after I relocated back in August, I’d face an enormous shift in how I’d need to use my energy and time. I’d need to create space to explore my new territory, its people, and its opportunities, endeavors that I realized would be impossible to accomplish while spending the same amount of time in front of my laptop. There is also a lot that’s gone on and that continues to go on that … Continue reading

Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas

Have you heard?  I’m a southern belle now, y’all. I’ve left the land of landfills and urban sprawl for quieter pastures.  For a quiet island, to be specific. It’s a different world down here.  I haven’t found a decent slice of pizza since I’ve ventured below the Mason Dixon line,  but I’ve seen more gun and ammo shops than Snooki’s seen the inside of Seaside Heights motel rooms. I like island life, yet it means if I need something more than a kayak rental, I have to drive for it.  The only game in town is a Walmart, and by … Continue reading

Just Keep Swimming

I could feel my heart pounding as I take long, deep inhalations to try to normalize my breathing.  My chest fluttered.  I decide to walk instead of sit still, keep moving while my overworked respiratory system normalizes. I’ve felt this way before.  Every now and then while going at a run too fast and too hard, I’d find myself at this point of exhaustion.  I’d always said that if I could die running, I’d die happy.  Not that I’d want that to happen right now.  Maybe in 40 years or so, during an ultra or a triathalon, perhaps.  Besides, how … Continue reading

What If My Aunt Had Balls

It’s all about Michelle Montero from Callias Corner today! And in her honor, dirty spicy martinis, wine, and chocolate are all on the menu.  There might be some irony in what I’m serving today as a hostess, given I met Michelle while we were both during a green smoothie challenge last summer. And while my cleaning eating diet didn’t last very long past August, I’m so grateful that my friendship with Michelle did. For the past several months, I have had the pleasure of tracking Michelle’s photography career and the start of her business.  In addition to being phenomenally talented … Continue reading

Got Time?

It slips through our fingers at warp speed.  We never feel as if we have enough of it. We bargain. We chase. We cram as much as we can into five minutes, ten minutes. If we can just respond to one more email or get through one more spreadsheet for work.  Many of us are so consumed with getting through our to-do lists that we neglect the rest of our lives. Many of us are so stuck in trying to complete our tasks that we forego pursuing the goals that really matter. “I want to write a book but, I … Continue reading

One Counter at a Time

It’s easy for stuff to accumulate.  It begins with leaving a pen on a kitchen countertop and the next thing you know, there’s paper next to that pen, and then sunglasses, and then a phone charger, and then a phone.  Suddenly, your work space is gone.  You can barely fit your cutting board on the counter, or find a place to put your ingredients for cooking dinner. This happens in my kitchen all the time.  One of my counters often becomes a makeshift office, and for the past few months, it has been overcrowded with appliances. Once of my goals … Continue reading

No Excuses: 20 Ways to Find Time for #plankaday

Confession:  I have been coming down hard on my plankaday participants lately. Some of you have fallen off the radar.   I don’t know if you are planking or not.    And while you don’t need to give me a “shout out” every day, an occasional “I planked today” would be a great indication to me that you are still on board.  Yes, I am a drill sergeant, and a relentless one at that, but not necessarily because I enjoy being tough.  It is because I want you to succeed. Success takes persistence, discomfort, and at times, monotony.  I am shouting at … Continue reading