Good Vibes Volume 1

I looked forward to hitting the ground running this past Monday after four snow days last week but the only thing that hit the ground was the ceramic tile I had purchased for the floor of my store, as I was unloading it from my car.  Not before hitting my foot first and then falling to the pavement, breaking into pieces all over the parking lot. Oh, and there was my laptop, that blue screened on me, just a day before my printer totally died.  And the workman who walked over the freshly painted back room floor of my business … Continue reading


It had been an unseasonably warm day for January, the kind of weather that we’re all pining for right now. It may have hit seventy degrees by that afternoon.  The kids ran door to door without jackets after school helping Fiona sell Girl Scout Cookies.  Afterward, they took out their bicycles. I couldn’t keep up with them as they sped around the block.  I was nursing a minor running injury and walked quickly but avoided a full out jog.   The older kids flew ahead of me on their two wheelers and even Scarlett managed to gain momentum on her training … Continue reading


My marriage had been in trouble for years.  It was an inconvenient truth that I had wanted to avoid.   We tried counseling.  We tried talking less and listening more. We tried date nights.  We continued to hit a wall over and over and over, until one morning on an early September day last year. It hasn’t been an easy year.   I doubt that anyone who’s gone through a divorce would tell you that the first year was easy.  It was a year where I’ve counted on friends.  It was a year where I’ve counted on my therapist.  I was a … Continue reading

Gaining a Little Perspective as a Yoga Newbie

It’s time to mingle again, guys!  Today, with Kerry Rivera from Breadwinning Mamma.   I’m not exactly sure how I found Kerry, but I can tell you that from my first read, I was hooked on her blog.  Kerry juggles a home and a family with a demanding career, and as she puts it, she writes about the “joys and chaos of juggling a fast-paced corporate career and the messy, but wonderful milestones of motherhood.”  I love the honest conversations Kerry invites about balancing work and life and work and motherhood, along with her awesome book reviews and her journaling of … Continue reading

The Wall

Follow my blog with Bloglovin He wasn’t supposed to have been born that day.  His due date was in January, and he therefore had no business arriving in early November.  The birth didn’t come as a surprise.  I had been on hospital bed rest for ten days after being rushed to the labor and delivery floor when my water broke at 29 weeks.  I had already beaten the “statistics” and had managed to stay pregnant those extra ten days, meaning my son would only be 9 weeks early versus 11.  Those two weeks were a huge bonus.  Yet, I still … Continue reading

Me and The Beebs

    It wasn’t supposed to go down like this. I never forget my music. I have it in my purse at all times. Except this week, when I switched purses. Any yoga teacher knows that her playlist is everything. And anyone who has ever taken yoga remembers the playlist. They may not remember what was on that playlist but they remember how those songs made them feel. So when I arrived at the studio on Tuesday without my music, I felt empty handed, to say the least. I should mention that my music fail was preventable. That “free” cell … Continue reading

My Week in Laundry

  There were two piles in the middle of the floor, one dirty that needed to be washed, and one clean that needed to be folded and put away. I’m always behind on the laundry, this week no exception. Early on Saturday, with coffee in hand, I began to sort through the piles, four clean loads lying on top of each other in one basket, and four days of dirty in the other. I pulled out the shirt Miss F. wore when we had harsh words before school Tuesday morning, where I, in a terrible mood, said regrettable things, things … Continue reading

I Am Me

  “First time? For real?“ “First time,” he says cracking a tentative smile. “Dude! Awesome,” I shout as I give him a high five. “What about you girls in the back?” I ask as I return to the front of the room. I look at a cluster of young women sitting in the back, who I guess to be in their 20’s. “Second class,” the one in the corner says. “Second class ever?” She nods. “This is the best night!” I say slamming the palm of my hand on the floor.  “I’m so happy you’re here!” I am sitting on … Continue reading

Play for Her

  “Today’s the day,” he said, as he stood next to my mat. “Today?” “Come on, let’s go,” he said, not giving me a chance to change my mind.  “Clasp your fingers behind your head.”I placed the crown of my head on my mat and clasped my fingers together as he had instructed.    “Kick your legs up.” I kicked my legs up into his hands and he lifted them straight into the air.  He held my ankles, firmly at first, then lightly, and then he let go of his grip entirely. My legs began to sway back and forth. “Don’t talk yourself out of it,” … Continue reading

Finding Infinity

The fall was a blur.  Suddenly, there was one of me, and one of me to get everything done that used to get done by two.  There were the logistics of running a house, paying for a house, and being the 24/7 parent for my children, with little to no down time.   In the back of my mind, I knew there were “big decisions” that needed to be made, yet, I promised myself in the heat of my finding my footing, that I would put off those decisions until January.  The one crusade that I had decided upon was being … Continue reading