Good Vibes Hippie Chick Edition

It was the most inopportune time to travel to New Jersey, one week and two days after launching my business. A family matter awaited and it needed 96 hours of my time. On Saturday morning I loaded the kids into a rental car and loaded enough granola in its cargo space that I would be able to fill at least the first of the web orders that came in while I was away. That granola was sold before I reached the New Jersey State line. Tamara’s Blend sold out before I got to Maryland. I felt blessed…and a little stressed … Continue reading

Good Vibes Volume 1

I looked forward to hitting the ground running this past Monday after four snow days last week but the only thing that hit the ground was the ceramic tile I had purchased for the floor of my store, as I was unloading it from my car.  Not before hitting my foot first and then falling to the pavement, breaking into pieces all over the parking lot. Oh, and there was my laptop, that blue screened on me, just a day before my printer totally died.  And the workman who walked over the freshly painted back room floor of my business … Continue reading

You Gotta Be: Ask Away Friday with Tamara Camera Blog

Well, hey, there, blog! Remember me? Yes, blog, you’ve been neglected but admittedly, I have a lot of distractions right now. Like this storefront. Hey, readers!  I miss y’all! Want to take a look at what lies beyond that building permit? Yeah, I’m loving the purple and green. And when you come to visit me this summer, (see how I’m not saying “if” but “when?”), there will be photos Swami Satchyananda at the opening ceremonies of the Woodstock Music Festival and of Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon adorning those purple walls. You want to see something else? Meet the face … Continue reading

Old Friends We’ve Just Met

  First, I’ll share the big news. I have a new man in my life. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Holding him feels like pure heaven. He drools a little bit and he’s shorter than I am. But I can live with that in exchange for his captivating stare and impish smile. His name is Des. You may in fact know Des’ mother, Tamara, if you are in the blog world. I became enamored with Tamara a few months back, when our worlds virtually collided out here in theblogosphere.  Her site became a fast favorite of mine, and then Tamara herself became … Continue reading


There’s laundry that needs to be folded. There are dishes in the sink and papers scattered on the floor, begging for organization and an impossibly long list of to-do’s I need to conquer before we move.  Packing, collecting medical records from an array of doctors, school registrations, goodbyes. While these tasks beckon me, the call isn’t loud enough to pull me away from my laptop. My oasis.  My happy place. The world could fall apart around me and I’d still blog. This blog has morphed over the past year and a half.  It began as a venue to explore the … Continue reading

Yay! You Made It!

Hey, Diva! If you’re reading this right now, it means that you have either been redirected or luckily stumbled upon The Fierce Diva Guide To Life at my new web address, With help from the fabulous Julie DeNeen from, I made the switch to self-hosted blogging, and if I manage to not break my site, I think I’m really going to like it here! I am thrilled that you made it!  I still have a few boxes to unpack and some formatting work to do to pretty up this place, but please make yourself at home. Your RSS … Continue reading

Two Worlds

  I’m back in my hostess dress again!  This time, I’m serving up mimosas and lattes to celebrate my guest of honor, Chris Carter from The Mom Café.  I really can’t gush enough about Chris.  She’s a new friend who feels like an old friend, because she’s just that wonderful. She’s warm, wise, inspirational, funny, and her writing is full of gratitude, encouragement and reflects her very strong faith.   Once you have read her post here, I encourage you to visit The Mom Café to read some more of her amazing material. I love the topic Chris has chosen for … Continue reading


I’ve recently begun reading Kristen Lamb’s blog, which I highly recommend to any writer/blogger.  She’s a goldmine of information and also understands and teaches to finding success as a writer in the digital age.  Last week, Kristen blogged about the importance of having successful author presence.   What exactly does this mean? As Kristen noted, presence is a hard thing to explain, but if I were to take my stab at defining it, here’s where I would start.   Own Your Space Presence is about owning your space, whether that space means your blog, your book, your social media page, your … Continue reading

Miles to Go Before I Sleep – Fierce Diva Anniversary Edition

  I was going for witty and slightly profound.  I thought I’d sprinkle in a little bit of my “yoga talk,” as I often do. But the words weren’t there. So after 17 drafts or so, I scratched the idea of writing a "first anniversary of blogging post" and decided to speak my post instead. I created a vlog. In the words of Lisa and Ashley, "Oh. honey! No!"  That vlog was disastrous – like bad enough for Lisa and Ashley's pinboard disastrous.  My eyebrows move when I talk.  A lot. When I viewed the video I took of myself … Continue reading

Negligees and Chakra Rocks

How did you find me? Facebook?  Twitter? Through another blog? Perhaps you’re one of my personal friends that I coerced in the beginning and said you had to read and share my stuff (and a wholehearted thanks to all of you who have). Although there are behind the scenes tools to allow bloggers to see where their traffic comes from, I’ve never paid much attention to it…until a bout with insomnia combined with too much coffee drove me to my Google Analytics dashboard for maybe the second time since I began my blog (I know there are bloggers crawling out … Continue reading