The Pause

I went seeking truth, the meaning of life, a higher spiritual plane. I wasn’t all that concerned with “chaturanga arms,” or “warrior thighs” or any of the other accoutrements promised by westernized yoga practitioners.  I needed to get down to brass tacks. Why are we here?  Why am I here? And what is the purpose of all of this? I was at a midlife crossroads.  On a treadmill for years of getting by, doing OK, at certain times, being highly successful doing things that I did not love to do.  Things that fed my family but did not feed my … Continue reading

My Life in Numbers

I don’t get to Greta Funk’s blog as often as I’d like, so when I stumbled upon her “My Life in Numbers” link up via Kristen, I thought, well here’s my chance to say hello to Greta while revealing myself in this rather clever fashion. Greta seems to depend on coffee just as much as I do.  We have also dropped out of college the same number of times (2).  And while I finally did get a degree, Greta went ahead and got 2 of them!   Although, like Greta, I have not done that much with my major either (English).  … Continue reading

Keeping the Mess in Perspective (Guest Post at the Mommy Mess)

I’m the first one to preach to all of you that life is messy and that we need to be OK with the mess.  We need to learn to thrive despite our messes.   However, I have a confession to make. I don’t like messes. I ask my guests to take off their shoes before coming into my house because shoes track dirt.  And dirt is messy!   I vacuum my carpets daily and sweep my kitchen floors after meals. I could naively tell you that I thrive on order. Yet, of course, “thriving on order” is a polite way of … Continue reading

Cheer Mom – Guest Post at Things I Can’t Say

The premise: A willful daughter and her control freak mother lock horns over the demands of the daughter’s competition cheer team. The cast of characters:  The Fierce Diva and the Divine Miss F.   The major dramatic question: Will the Diva pull Miss F. from cheer mid-season? The setting:  Suburbia The outcome: Hop on over to Things I Can’t Say to find out!   Wow!  What a week! I am still basking in the afterglow of my SITS Day, which was Wednesday, and today, I am the guest blogger over at Shell’s place, Things I Can’t Say. I met Shell … Continue reading

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Manpants {It’s My SITS Day!}

  I need you.  Although I don’t want to admit it.     A friend of mine recently chastised me (and rightfully so!) for trying to get through difficult situations on my own.   I am someone who tends to push away love and support. I have a hard time asking for help. When others try to help me, it makes me squirmy.  It makes me feel like I’m putting them out. I practically apologize before asking anyone for a favor. However, if you need me, I’ll give you everything I have.  If you’re in a crisis, I’m your man.   Just … Continue reading

Six Months of Fierce

I begin with a confession.  I’m not really all that “fierce.” I am the woman behind the curtain, a diminutive woman, at that, who from time to time, speaks loud enough into the blogosphere to capture your attention. My beliefs are fierce.  My attitude is fierce.  But that bad-ass, ninja, anarchist?  She’s a projection on a wall.   Sorry, guys, but if you need someone powerful enough to transport you back to Kansas from some far away land, you are going to have to seek help from someone else. I fumble constantly.  With the confidence in my own abilities, with my … Continue reading

Guest Post Today on Love Life Surf

Some friendships are just meant to be.  That’s exactly how I feel about Christine, the creator of one of my favorite blogs, Love Life Surf. I bumped into Christine on Twitter a few months ago, while following the hash tag for Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia (“BBCPhilly”).  I had wanted to attend the conference but got waitlisted, so I soaked up every ounce of those Twitter conversations that I could manage.  Christine was there and was full of enthusiasm about everything she was learning at the conference. She shared quotes, wisdom, and memorable moments as they were happening in real time.  … Continue reading

One Lovely Blog

  Two weeks ago, Christine from Love Life Surf,  had surprised me with the One Lovely Blog award.  A few days later, Mary from A Teachable Mom, nominated me for a Kreativ blogger award!  Then, the end of last week, Jessica from RunOnOrganic nominated me again for One Lovely Blog.  Wow!  Talk about feeling highly complimented and a little humbled.  First, I want to thank all of you for your nominations and support.  One of the pleasant surprises as a new blogger is the enthusiasm I have received from others in the blogging world.     I would like to pay … Continue reading