Thirty eight dollar and ninety six cents? How can that be all that's left in my bank account? I stare at the screen of the ATM machine, and retrace my steps from the past few weeks.  I don't remember spending all that money!   Back at home, I lock myself in my office and go through my check records, but not without several knocks on my door. "Mommy, I thought we were going to the store to get ice cream," Miss F asks from the hallway. "We can't get ice cream today honey." "But you promised. " "I know baby, … Continue reading

The Fierce Diva Guide to Gift Giving

I would not be serving my purpose if I did not remind you on a regular basis that a Fierce Diva never spends  beyond her means.   Many Divas I know can budget for themselves yet they get into trouble when buying gifts for other people.  For those of you whose finances fly out of balance at Christmas time or to buy wedding or birthday presents, remember this: Fierce Divas do not have to give expensive gifts  - especially expensive gifts that they cannot afford – to express love, admiration, friendship, gratitude,  or congratulations.  The monetary value of a gift is … Continue reading