Negligees and Chakra Rocks

How did you find me? Facebook?  Twitter? Through another blog? Perhaps you’re one of my personal friends that I coerced in the beginning and said you had to read and share my stuff (and a wholehearted thanks to all of you who have). Although there are behind the scenes tools to allow bloggers to see where their traffic comes from, I’ve never paid much attention to it…until a bout with insomnia combined with too much coffee drove me to my Google Analytics dashboard for maybe the second time since I began my blog (I know there are bloggers crawling out … Continue reading

Cheer Mom Part 2: Cheer Angst

I wasn’t in the mood to go to a wiglet party. Furthermore, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with Miss F.’s mood after that cumbersome looking hair piece was sewn into her hair, which she would then need to sleep with and live in until her cheer competition, some 18 hours later.  Miss F. is the kid who goes on sensory overload from a stray dog hair caught in her shoe.  Asking her to sleep with an artificial hair piece that has been woven into her hair is like asking a child who has sandbags tied to her legs … Continue reading