This Ain’t My First Rodeo

It was a death wish. But I had no choice. We had not one roll of toilet paper in the house. Not one, not even that last little square stuck to the brown paper roll in the middle.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch. I thought better than of running to Costco, since as you may remember, I cannot get out of that place for less than $139.00.  And although the exit fee at Target is not much smaller, it seemed like the lesser of two evils, especially on a Saturday afternoon, where everyone in Northern Monmouth County is at one overcrowded store … Continue reading

Costco Diva

The first mistake was going hungry. The second mistake was going tired. The third mistake was taking the kids with me, who were also hungry and tired. The time change of Miss F.’s cheer practice Monday night was almost cause for a “case of nerves.”  First of all, they moved it up a half an hour, which left us no time for homework before she had to be there.   Second, they cut the practice down to one hour from two.    With a two hour practice, I have time to get home and do “something,” like bathe the smaller kids … Continue reading