The Coolest Guy on Facebook

Confession:  I’m not really that great of a Facebook “friend.” My timeline is one filled with shameless self- promotion. “Please buy Girl Scout cookies!”  “Come to my yoga class!”  I brag about my kids.  I get on my soapbox about rescuing dogs.   I use it to pimp my blog so that if you’re not subscribed to my Fierce Diva page, I’ve still cornered you into getting alerts about new posts (although I’d love you forever if you go like my Fierce Diva page.  I mean that).   Now, if you want a timeline that’s truly worth following, may I suggest putting … Continue reading

Follow Me!

Admit it. You were lonely on Twitter without me. What did you do all this time, without my Tweeting 140 characters of brilliance out to you every few hours?  I reassure you that you'll never have to suffer like that again, because I now have a Twitter account!  Assuming you do too, (because apparently ALL the cool kids Tweet these days) you can find me or Tweet me or follow me @fiercedivablog If you take a look at my blog sidebar, you'll see that there are a few added widgets since the last time you have visited.  Not only is … Continue reading

Facebook Stalking Your Ex-Boyfriend and Other Nonsense

I did a double take as I re-read the name of the sender.  Vick, the love of my young 20's, that crazy, destructive, kind of love, that takes years to decompress from and a few trips to a therapist's couch, who disappeared off the face of the earth 17 years ago, had contacted me through Facebook. "Well, hey, stranger! Hope you're well," sums up the message I found in my inbox.  "Wow, what a coincidence to hear from you," I respond.   "I just wrote a blog post  about the time the two of us got thrown into jail.  Here's the … Continue reading

Balthazar, The Coolest Guy on Facebook

"Dear Vegas, you suck.  Love, Balthazar."  Balthazar has checked into the United Club at Newark Liberty International.  I imagine him, young and single, hanging out in the first class lounge in a pair of Abercrombie jeans and vintage wash oxford, sipping a Bloody Mary, while I sit at my desk gulping coffee, in my yoga clothes, slightly damp from perspiration, seven a.m. on a Wednesday morning, while I enjoy a few last moments of quiet before the kids barrel down the stairs.  Balthazar's Facebook status stands out like a pearl among the suburban trifles in my newsfeed.  Recital photos, Pampered … Continue reading