My Dreams

It’s time to mingle once again!   I wasn’t sure what to serve today for my guest of honor, Tricia, from Raising Humans.  If you were at Bloggy Boot Camp in Charlotte over the weekend, then you would recall I said “no” to the pie, hoarded fruit, and really love black olives.   There has to be a menu in there somewhere, right? Tricia is one of those gems that I found through the SITS Girls.  She’s a gifted writer who inspires me in every post to capture the small moments, moments which Tricia articulates with thoughtful attention and heart and beautiful words.  I am in love with this post … Continue reading

Six Months of Fierce

I begin with a confession.  I’m not really all that “fierce.” I am the woman behind the curtain, a diminutive woman, at that, who from time to time, speaks loud enough into the blogosphere to capture your attention. My beliefs are fierce.  My attitude is fierce.  But that bad-ass, ninja, anarchist?  She’s a projection on a wall.   Sorry, guys, but if you need someone powerful enough to transport you back to Kansas from some far away land, you are going to have to seek help from someone else. I fumble constantly.  With the confidence in my own abilities, with my … Continue reading

Meet The Diva

First of all, darlings, let's get something straight. The "diva" on this blog is not the least bit bitchy or back biting or snobby.  My diva treats herself and others with respect.  She never puts other people down for  the sake of feeling superior to them.  She does not engage in drama but aspires to bring harmony and peace to those around her.  She puts herself first in a healthy manner, because she understands that when she feels cared for,  she has more to give others.    My diva is fierce, not in a way that is confrontational or threatening, … Continue reading