Out of Order

If you had asked me a few hours earlier, I would have thought the flat tire would have been the trickiest part of my day. When I finally decided to acknowledge the “Check Tire Pressure” light flashing on my dashboard, the air pump at the gas station sucked the air out of my tire instead of putting it in.  Maybe, had I paid closer attention, I would have noticed the rubber of the Goodyear sagging into the concrete before the tire actually went flat, or I would have bothered to flip the backwards piece of paper on top of the air … Continue reading

A Sort of Goodbye but Not Really

I have never taken friendship lightly. There is a very good chance that if you were my friend twenty years ago, you’re still my friend now, and an even better chance if that you’re my friend now, you will be my friend twenty years from today.   If you are someone who matters to me, you can live on any continent on planet earth and I’ll find a way to stay in touch.  I may even find a way to pay you a visit. This weekend, I am relocating my family from New Jersey to an island on the North Carolina … Continue reading

Old School Blogging A – Z

We bloggers know how to have a good time.  Really, we do!  For the past few weeks, we have been tagging one another in a blogging game, where we are prompted answer the following questions, that cleverly, follow the letters of the alphabet.  This prompt was originated by Elaine, and last week, I was tagged by Kim, Christine, and Christine to play along. I was thinking about writing this post three different times, once for each tag, but I’ll spare you the agony!   Here we go: A.  Attached or single? – Single…unless today’s the day JT finally comes around … Continue reading

Getting to the Bottom of It

“I only have two minutes I say hastily as I pick up the phone.” I know it’s Jade from the caller ID.  She’s part of my posse.  I can rush her off the phone without feeling bad or without her taking it personally.  I’m running, this time, to preschool drop off and then onto work.  The pre-game was dog pee on the carpet and two girls in simultaneous meltdowns over what to wear to school, leaving me with 20 minutes to shower, pack lunches, and get into my big girl shoes.   “This won’t take long,” replies Jade on the other … Continue reading

Guest Post Today on Love Life Surf

Some friendships are just meant to be.  That’s exactly how I feel about Christine, the creator of one of my favorite blogs, Love Life Surf. I bumped into Christine on Twitter a few months ago, while following the hash tag for Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia (“BBCPhilly”).  I had wanted to attend the conference but got waitlisted, so I soaked up every ounce of those Twitter conversations that I could manage.  Christine was there and was full of enthusiasm about everything she was learning at the conference. She shared quotes, wisdom, and memorable moments as they were happening in real time.  … Continue reading

Diva’s Wild Night Out

"You're comin'," she growled.  "You're gettin' get your wimpy little Diva ass out to that bar or I'm gonna pop you one, I swear." I knew Trixie meant business, because she was getting all "Brooklyn" on me.  "You know me, Trixie.  I don't last past 9:30.  Besides, it's a school night. " Trixie sighed.  It was a loud sigh, the kind they might have heard in Detroit. "For someone who eats as much kale and does as much yoga as you, you should have a little more energy than that. Doncha think?"    "I'm up at 4:30 in the morning.  I'm … Continue reading