I Got Your Back

  “It’s not going to work,” I say.  “There’s just no way.” “Why not?”  She asks, setting a glass of water down on the table for me to drink. I have been torn the last few weeks, really torn, over what to do about work.  I need to generate more income, yet the thought of going back to the corporate world that I came from makes me anxious. I recall the days of trying to “juggle it all,” being the only adult left in the house after 7:00 in the morning, not yet showered, and up against three rogue kids … Continue reading

Diva’s Wild Night Out

"You're comin'," she growled.  "You're gettin' get your wimpy little Diva ass out to that bar or I'm gonna pop you one, I swear." I knew Trixie meant business, because she was getting all "Brooklyn" on me.  "You know me, Trixie.  I don't last past 9:30.  Besides, it's a school night. " Trixie sighed.  It was a loud sigh, the kind they might have heard in Detroit. "For someone who eats as much kale and does as much yoga as you, you should have a little more energy than that. Doncha think?"    "I'm up at 4:30 in the morning.  I'm … Continue reading