The Misconception About Philanthropy

  Today’s mixer is BYOB! That would be, “Bring your own bacon.”Today’s guest of honor, Jennifer Barbour, is a bacon lover, pie hater, mom to two boys and three dogs, and all around do-gooder.   If you haven’t checked out Jennifer’s blog at, it’s definitely worth the read.  Jennifer writes about motherhood, living in Maine, blogging, social media, and she also lends her voice to an abundance of worthy causes, through her Philanthropy Friday series.   I am so happy to have Jennifer here on my page today.  Please give her a warm welcome! photo credit  When I worked for a nonprofit, I was the person … Continue reading

The Giving Pledge

My great grandmother Ida was an off-the-boat immigrant from Russia.  Like most families who came through Ellis Island in the early 1900’s, she had nothing when she got to the United States. She and my great grandfather made a life for themselves on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  It was a modest life, if that.  No matter how tight money was in my great grandmother’s house, Ida put a few coins in her Pushka (Yiddish for Charity Box) every Friday night for the poor.  Because even though my family had little, Ida was keenly aware that there were others … Continue reading