One Word

My word came to me pretty easily.  I blogged about it before, actually –but it was before the word and I were officially going steady. A number of bloggers talked about picking a word to focus on for the year.  For Christine, it was “Intention.”  For Alison, it was “Do.”   Their posts encouraged me to take a word and make it mine.   (Of course, the word is now Sharpie tattooed on my belly). In lieu of a new year’s resolution, I like the idea of using a word to guide us.  In yoga, we use mantras, sounds that … Continue reading

My Big Bad Belly Tattoo

I stand in front of the mirror with a black sharpie, with my shirt hiked to my upper ribs. I pull the skin around my belly taut and dig the marker into my abdomen, as I slowly begin to write the backwards B, which in the mirror, looks forward facing. This was my assignment from E, the transformative coach with whom I had just spent an hour rambling about the past 4 years of my life, the many changes, studying yoga, the issues with my marriage, and what I see as my ideal future.   “What do you want for … Continue reading