The In-Between

  I’m late. As usual.   I run to the car, without the time to second guess combining the thick black rimmed glasses with the billowy skirt and the sturdy black boots.  I wonder if my boss questions what happened to that woman who showed up to interview, in the urban chic business attire, the patent leather heels, and the straightened, shiny hair,  which today, piles onto my shoulders, bigger than usual, thanks to the slight bit of damp on this cool spring morning. It’s spring break week, my work schedule at the mercy of friends willing to take my … Continue reading

Finding Your G(ratitude)-Spot

Every Diva deserves to find her G-Spot.  You know, that very special place in her mind devoted to gratitude.   Yet, to some Divas, discovering their G-Spots can be trickier than locating that other G-spot.  But in both cases, persistence pays off.  Here's the secret to finding your G-Spot that most people don't understand.   Gratitude is not the result of life bringing us boundless luck and good fortune.  It is an attitude we have to cultivate regardless of what life hands us.  In an earlier post of mine entitled Fierce Finances,  I made the following  statement: Happiness is not dependent upon … Continue reading