Green Revolution

I have taken a lot of pictures of green smoothies this past month. Some were straight and to the point.   Some were humorous.    Some were thought provoking.    Some were political.  (Hint:  This smoothie drinker can see Russia from her house!)   Some were a little warped,   No animals were harmed in the smoothie photo sessions.  I promise!    Neither were any children. 29 days ago, I never would have imagined that 22 friends, some old, and some new, would come along for the ride with me on the Green Smoothie Challenge.  What made the Green Smoothie … Continue reading


Yes, that’s me, gazing at my green smoothie with reverence and blind devotion. Perhaps even a bit of a platonic crush.  Because anything that makes someone feel that good from the inside out deserves praise, and lots of it.  As we wrap up week three of the Run to the Finish Green Smoothie Challenge, we welcomed 2 more friends to our green team, which means our posse of smoothie drinkers is now up to twenty.  One is an old friend from grade school, and one, a new friend and fellow blogger, Denise, who you can find at  Our daily roll … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Green Smoothies

Oh, that sophomore slump.   Broken blenders, emergency kale runs in the middle of the night, and smoothie challenge participants suffering from lost momentum.   We are at day 15, exactly that middle point of the Amanda Brooks Run to the Finish Green Smoothie Challenge, and as much as I love my green smoothies, have woken up to a green smoothie every morning for a period of time that spans beyond this challenge,  I've had a few moments where it wasn't easy being green.  It has not been easy for my blender, either, which took its last breath on Thursday morning, from … Continue reading

Green Smoothie Nation

If you're looking for the party, it's over here.  Oh, and I should warn you.  There's a lot of drinking going on…drinking of Green Smoothies,  that is.  A few weeks ago, I beckoned my friends, family, blog readers, Twitter followers, anyone in ear shot, to join me in the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, organized by Amanda Brooks of Run to the Finish.  The only "rule," was to drink a smoothie a day that needed to include two cups of greens, such as spinach or kale.  Now, you all know what a green smoothie enthusiast I am.  Amanda didn't have … Continue reading

Oh, How I Want To Be Clever!

"You need to get dressed!" I shriek.  Miss F lies on the living room couch with her head resting on the arm,  eyes half closed. "I don't know what to wear."  Not a day goes by with us not having this discussion.    "Mom, can I have more cereal," my Little Dude asks from the kitchen.  The Dude loves morning.  He's been dressed and ready to go since 6:55.       It's been raining on and off on this chilly New Jersey June morning, and the weather adds to my misfires.  I run to the fridge and forget why I'm there.   … Continue reading