Learning to Fly

Wow! Have I crammed in a lot in three days.   I recited a few choice words for the naysayers on Alexa’s blog on Monday and  I introduced you all to a dog loving thirty two year old mystery man yesterday, and today, well today… Tamara’s here.  I could go on and on about my soul connection with Tamara. Our NICU stories, our identical choices in baby names, love of all things grunge, sort of the same maiden names, the instantaneous emotional connection I have to just about everything she says, and the list goes on.  On top of that, I … Continue reading

Designing Home

This week has been one big blogging high for me, from sharing my “happy,” to hanging out with Tamara, to today, hosting another one of my favorites, Kim, from Co-Pilot Mom.  I love Kim’s slice of life anecdotes and the gentle reminders they give me to enjoy every moment of this beautiful, crazy, unpredictable ride of parenthood.  I love how Kim is not afraid to try new things, such as running.  I love her passion for life.  I love her photographs.  I imagine if Kim and I met for lunch, there would be a lot of smiling and laughing and … Continue reading

For The Love of Lisa and Ashley

  Today is a huge day for me!  It's basically up there with signing a book deal, or being chosen as one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year. Lisa and Ashley of The Dose of Reality are featuring a post I wrote on their blog!   I’m completely humbled by this for many reasons, but mostly because I adore them and I also learn so much from them! First of all, they are super smart.  Did you know they were able to scientifically prove that Arie Luyendyk Jr.is the best kisser on the face of the earth?   They also … Continue reading

Facing Fears and Finding Freedom

  Today, I'm trading in my Doc Martens and skull cap for a cocktail dress and stilettos and setting the table with fine China and crystal, as I welcome my first guest blogger.  If you have not yet met Christine from Love Life Surf, you’re in for a real treat.   Christine was my first friend in the blogosphere so it’s only fitting that I’ve invited her to be my first guest here on this page. I’m also pretty certain that Christine was the first person to ever leave a comment on one of my posts. If you’re a blogger … Continue reading

5 For Friday: Guest Post at Coach Daddy

  Oh, the joy of going grocery shopping by yourself – a luxury that only a mother could understand. A mall without kids in tow?  It feels as if you’ve just won the lottery. A girl’s night out? Heaven. Earlier this week, I confessed to not being the “best” at this mom thing. There are times, I’m selfish. There are times that even after being away from my kids all day, I just want to leave the house alone. If I am going to get really honest, there are five places where I’d actually prefer to never take my kids … Continue reading

Coming Home

Hello, blogosphere!  I’m back! I’d like to tell you that I have been away on an exotic vacation.  To the islands, to an ashram, an African Safari. But in actuality, I’ve been hustling around New Jersey, as a mild mannered administrative assistant/freelance writer/yoga teacher by day, and budding entrepreneur by night (more on the entrepreneur thing later).  There has not been as much silence or pausing or deep thinking as I would have liked.  I’ve been working it, if you know what I mean. I’ve been working it so much that I hardly missed my blog as much as I … Continue reading

Cheer Mom – Guest Post at Things I Can’t Say

The premise: A willful daughter and her control freak mother lock horns over the demands of the daughter’s competition cheer team. The cast of characters:  The Fierce Diva and the Divine Miss F.   The major dramatic question: Will the Diva pull Miss F. from cheer mid-season? The setting:  Suburbia The outcome: Hop on over to Things I Can’t Say to find out!   Wow!  What a week! I am still basking in the afterglow of my SITS Day, which was Wednesday, and today, I am the guest blogger over at Shell’s place, Things I Can’t Say. I met Shell … Continue reading

Guest Post Today on Love Life Surf

Some friendships are just meant to be.  That’s exactly how I feel about Christine, the creator of one of my favorite blogs, Love Life Surf. I bumped into Christine on Twitter a few months ago, while following the hash tag for Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia (“BBCPhilly”).  I had wanted to attend the conference but got waitlisted, so I soaked up every ounce of those Twitter conversations that I could manage.  Christine was there and was full of enthusiasm about everything she was learning at the conference. She shared quotes, wisdom, and memorable moments as they were happening in real time.  … Continue reading