#leapoffaith: Call for Submissions

Hello old friends.  Re-posting from the Hippie Chick Granola Co. Blog because I know many of you will have amazing stories for me. xo He sat with the book in front of him, a blank stare washed over his face.  He didn’t know the words and was hesitant to try.  He read what he could and attempted to sound out the rest.  He was nervous. Reading had not come easily for him, and over time, a vicious cycle set in.  He’d try, he wouldn’t get it. He began to try less and less because he started to question the point … Continue reading

Good Vibes Hippie Chick Edition

It was the most inopportune time to travel to New Jersey, one week and two days after launching my business. A family matter awaited and it needed 96 hours of my time. On Saturday morning I loaded the kids into a rental car and loaded enough granola in its cargo space that I would be able to fill at least the first of the web orders that came in while I was away. That granola was sold before I reached the New Jersey State line. Tamara’s Blend sold out before I got to Maryland. I felt blessed…and a little stressed … Continue reading

Maybe This Could Be Big

Her heart sank as she watched her girl’s squad on the performance floor below, from the middle tier of Sun National Stadium in Trenton. They hugged and screamed and jumped into each other’s arms.  It was a victorious moment, discovering that they qualified for the national cheer competition in Orlando.  But for her mother, it was a moment of panic. She knew the expenses would be high when she signed up her daughter for cheer, and she was aware of the costs of the national competition.  From sign up day to present moment, her life had changed precipitously. She had … Continue reading