What If I Told You

Photo Credit: http://www.blogactionday.org What if I told you that 26.7 of% of children living in Brunswick County, North Carolina, where I now live, suffer from food insecurity?  What exactly does that mean?  Put bluntly, they do not know where they will find their next meal. What if I told you that 1 year after Hurricane Sandy devastated my former neighboring town of Union Beach, New Jersey, many residents have still not been able to rebuild, due to lack of insurance funds or FEMA funds or, have left families, in financial ruin, with no option but to walk away from their homes? … Continue reading

My Life in Numbers

I don’t get to Greta Funk’s blog as often as I’d like, so when I stumbled upon her “My Life in Numbers” link up via Kristen, I thought, well here’s my chance to say hello to Greta while revealing myself in this rather clever fashion. Greta seems to depend on coffee just as much as I do.  We have also dropped out of college the same number of times (2).  And while I finally did get a degree, Greta went ahead and got 2 of them!   Although, like Greta, I have not done that much with my major either (English).  … Continue reading

About A Hurricane

I could tell you that we lived without power for seven days. I could tell you that when we lost use of our furnace due to the power outage, it got cold in my house.  Very cold.  I could tell you that we wore the same clothes over and over again until they smelled because we had didn’t have a working washing machine or dryer. I could tell you that I ran a tiny car-powered generator for the first seventy two hours, in an attempt to save our refrigerated food.  But that due to the gas shortage on the Jersey … Continue reading