A Modern Family Valentine

“I know, my car’s a mess.  You don’t have to tell me.” “I’ve seen it look worse,” says S., the man who thrives on order, as he loads the oversized pictures into the back of my cargo space. He follows me to the store in his car. I asked him when he scheduled the weekend with me to bring his tool box and a drill. Somewhere along East Oak Island Drive he disappears from behind me. A few minutes later, he shows up in my parking lot, handing me a cup of coffee. “Where’d you go?”  I ask. “B.’s place?” … Continue reading

Ten Reasons You Don’t Want to Date Me

Every single mother who is dating has stories to tell. Sure, everyone in the dating world has stories, but the middle aged single mom stories are a brand all their own. I had drafted a “just for fun” post today about the ten reasons you wouldn’t want to date me, in which I offered up some of my biggest character flaws as a woman on the market and intertwined them with some of the more ridiculous moments I’ve lived the past few months while navigating this uncertain, unchartered territory.  At the last minute, I pulled the post.  It was humorous, … Continue reading

How to Trash a Vet’s Office in 30 Seconds

    “Mom, if I ate 50 hot dogs, how much would I poop?” “Dude, can we talk about this later?” “It would be like fifty times the poop I make now, right?” “Stop,” I mutter.  I eye Dr. S. apologetically as she works on Dolly. “It’s ok,” she says.  I have boys. She kneads the dog’s belly. “It might be intestinal. I’m going to take some x-rays.” Dr. S. whisks the tiny shih tzu out of the exam room and down the hallway.  The dude and the two girls spill into the waiting area and run around in circles.  … Continue reading

Lessons from D

The theme of the workshop was forgiveness.  30 of us squeezed into the tiny space, at the studio where I had decided to do my teacher training.  At that time, I knew very few of the “regulars” there, and had randomly sat next to D., through three hours of postures and breathing designed to rid us of negative emotion. It was a moment in my life where I felt bitter.  Things had not gone “the way they were supposed to.”  Despite my not believing in holding onto anger, I had been grasping tightly to mine, and it was hurting me, … Continue reading