Fierce Like Me

The early morning hours are my favorite.  The house is quiet.  The day is new.  I sip that first cup of coffee and check email with eager anticipation of what lies ahead.  Next, I practice yoga to MC Yogi Radio on Pandora in an incense filled room, followed by a meditation session to quiet my mind and prepare me for the rest of the day. It has been said that meditation is like crack.                                                         It must be, because I never want to get out of meditation, those quiet moments compiled with nothing but the sound of my breath and … Continue reading

It’s My Island

I didn’t want to teach tonight. I never don’t want to teach. It has been a whirlwind week, between starting a “big girl” job that requires me to walk out of my house primped and well caffeinated when the kids leave for school, the impending monthly deadline on the magazine I edit, and getting adjusted to being the only adult in the house (I thought I was outnumbered before with three kids.  Now, I’m really outnumbered!) So, at 6:40 tonight, I finally turned off my computer after squeezing in 20 minutes of magazine editing time, after getting home from work, … Continue reading

Got Thoughts?

You hate your job.  Or your boss.  Or your spouse.  Or your best friend. You live in fear of financial insecurity, or perhaps rejection.  Maybe you think that everyone is judging you. You want to go back to school or learn accounting, computers, how to knit, or do yoga, but you come up with excuses not to try and then you beat yourself up for not trying. You want to lose ten pounds but you can’t stop eating.  You blame it on stress. Every action or non-action we take is fueled by a thought.  That thought leads to a behavior. … Continue reading

Meditate, Run, Sleep: Chasing Goals Week 2

Last week, I began participating in The Weekly Chase, an incentive started by fellow blogger Melissa at Live Love and Run, where we log weekly goals and share them with others for accountability. Here is a recap of my goals from last week and progress report: 1)   Continue my plank a day:  All good here 2)   Veganize my home:  Done.  I have been vegan as of Tuesday of last week.  3)   Run my fastest mile ever!  Last week I caught a virus and had to cut back on the intensity of my runs.  This week for sure, I will get a time on … Continue reading

Fierce Thinking

"Happy" is not my default temperament.  As a matter of fact, I spent years and thousands of dollars in therapy seeking it, with the hopes that the person sitting opposite my couch would help me find that one "great insight" that would shine the light on ever-after contentment.   While my work in therapy did not afford me "happily ever after,"  it led to a self awareness of my destructive personality/behavior patterns (i.e., my "low self esteem" leads me to pick unavailable men, my "fear of failure" keeps me in low-paying, dead-end jobs , etc.)  Self awareness is helpful,  but it … Continue reading