Ten Reasons You Don’t Want to Date Me

Every single mother who is dating has stories to tell. Sure, everyone in the dating world has stories, but the middle aged single mom stories are a brand all their own. I had drafted a “just for fun” post today about the ten reasons you wouldn’t want to date me, in which I offered up some of my biggest character flaws as a woman on the market and intertwined them with some of the more ridiculous moments I’ve lived the past few months while navigating this uncertain, unchartered territory.  At the last minute, I pulled the post.  It was humorous, … Continue reading

Out of Order

If you had asked me a few hours earlier, I would have thought the flat tire would have been the trickiest part of my day. When I finally decided to acknowledge the “Check Tire Pressure” light flashing on my dashboard, the air pump at the gas station sucked the air out of my tire instead of putting it in.  Maybe, had I paid closer attention, I would have noticed the rubber of the Goodyear sagging into the concrete before the tire actually went flat, or I would have bothered to flip the backwards piece of paper on top of the air … Continue reading

The Fierce Diva Guide to Romance

  I swear I’m not jaded, guys.  I’m a romantic at heart.  Really, I am!   Love heals. Love conquers all!  Love is kind, at least most of the time, anyway. However, the “thrill of the chase” thing is a different story.  Back in “the day,” I was never one to wait for a guy to call first, and I was always a bad “rules girl.”  Besides, that “chase-loving Neanderthal” usually dropped me like a bad piece of mammoth meat the moment I would show the tiniest bit of interest back.  Sounds eerily like a Taylor Swift song, does it not? … Continue reading