I Believe In You

“Mom!  Mom, you’re never going to guess what!”  I shouted excitedly into the phone. My mother was my second phone call, right after my husband with the news that one of my screenplays had made it into the semi –final round of what was arguably the most prestigious screenwriting competition in the United States. It was 2002, and I felt unstoppable.  I had used every spare moment of my life to write fiction, and my writing had begun to harness attention from literary agents and other players in the industry. “Oh, that’s nice, honey,” my mother responded, in the same … Continue reading

Setting Goals: The Power of “Why”

Last week, I used the principles of fiction writing as an analogy for creating well focused goals. I invited you to explore the idea of creating one primary goal for you "story" and formulating secondary goals that support your "plot line." This week, I introduce another element of fiction writing to help you examine your goals:  Outer motivation versus inner motivation. If you examine a work of fiction closely, you will see that most main characters have a tangible, specific goal they want to accomplish by the end of the story.  For instance, in the original "Rocky" movie, Rocky wants … Continue reading

Life Is Your Story: Choose Plot Points Wisely

Several years ago, I had dabbled in writing fiction.  During this period of time, I also began to teach fiction writing classes at our local community college as part of their summer learning series.     Next week, I return to campus to participate in the 2012 summer program, so I have dusted off my notes to review the materials I use with my students. While going through my lectures last week, I was reminded of the importance of a writer setting goals for the main character, and to pay just as much attention to how the main character goes about … Continue reading

Meditate, Run, Sleep: Chasing Goals Week 2

Last week, I began participating in The Weekly Chase, an incentive started by fellow blogger Melissa at Live Love and Run, where we log weekly goals and share them with others for accountability. Here is a recap of my goals from last week and progress report: 1)   Continue my plank a day:  All good here 2)   Veganize my home:  Done.  I have been vegan as of Tuesday of last week.  3)   Run my fastest mile ever!  Last week I caught a virus and had to cut back on the intensity of my runs.  This week for sure, I will get a time on … Continue reading

The Power Of Goals: The Weekly Chase

Earlier today, I discovered a great weekly blog link up created by Melissa Durham of Live Love and Run.  It is called The Weekly Chase and is a forum upon which to create goals for the week ahead.  I’m a huge fan of setting goals.  I have yearly goals, monthly goals, daily goals, and so on.  I’m also a big list maker, where I write down my different goals.  If you were to walk into my office, you would see lists everywhere.  I have a yoga list, a running list, a blog list, etc.  Goals come in many different forms.  … Continue reading