The Fierce Diva Guide to Romance

  I swear I’m not jaded, guys.  I’m a romantic at heart.  Really, I am!   Love heals. Love conquers all!  Love is kind, at least most of the time, anyway. However, the “thrill of the chase” thing is a different story.  Back in “the day,” I was never one to wait for a guy to call first, and I was always a bad “rules girl.”  Besides, that “chase-loving Neanderthal” usually dropped me like a bad piece of mammoth meat the moment I would show the tiniest bit of interest back.  Sounds eerily like a Taylor Swift song, does it not? … Continue reading

The Coolest Guy on Facebook

Confession:  I’m not really that great of a Facebook “friend.” My timeline is one filled with shameless self- promotion. “Please buy Girl Scout cookies!”  “Come to my yoga class!”  I brag about my kids.  I get on my soapbox about rescuing dogs.   I use it to pimp my blog so that if you’re not subscribed to my Fierce Diva page, I’ve still cornered you into getting alerts about new posts (although I’d love you forever if you go like my Fierce Diva page.  I mean that).   Now, if you want a timeline that’s truly worth following, may I suggest putting … Continue reading