Fierce Parenting: Listening Changes Everything

We’re mingling again! This time, Adrienne is here!  Adrienne was one of my early friends in the blog world, who I believe I met through Shell’s Pour Your Heart Out weekly link up.  There’s nothing like eating chocolate when we pour our hearts out to friends, in real life or virtual (is there a difference, though?  My blog friends are my real friends), or drinking coffee or wine.  So, that’s what I’m serving up today in honor of Adrienne.  I love this woman.  She is kind, wise, and has a strong and admirable faith.  I learn so much from her every time … Continue reading

Keeping the Mess in Perspective (Guest Post at the Mommy Mess)

I’m the first one to preach to all of you that life is messy and that we need to be OK with the mess.  We need to learn to thrive despite our messes.   However, I have a confession to make. I don’t like messes. I ask my guests to take off their shoes before coming into my house because shoes track dirt.  And dirt is messy!   I vacuum my carpets daily and sweep my kitchen floors after meals. I could naively tell you that I thrive on order. Yet, of course, “thriving on order” is a polite way of … Continue reading