Good Stuff

“Do you like it?” She asks. “It’s good,” I say,  “It’s really good.  And definitely the best I’ve eaten since I’ve lived here.” And it is good, worlds better than the Walmart pizza that I had begun to accept as passable, crisp yet chewy crust, flavorful cheese, tangy sauce.  I’ll definitely go back there for more. Tomorrow, even, knowing me. “Have you been running,” L. asks as we eat. “A lot,” I say.  “Probably more than I should be.  I ordered a case of vanilla Cliff shots from Amazon.  Have you ever eaten those things?  They’re like vanilla cupcake frosting.”  … Continue reading

The Legend of Shiva Shakti: The Fierce Diva Guide To Trusting Your Instincts

She sauntered into the room like a porn star arriving on the set, hips jutted out in front of her in a walk led by her groin.  As she strolled past me, I noticed the chipped polish of her neon green pedicure, the bleach blonde highlights that swayed between her tattooed shoulder blades, and the outfit that was slightly too revealing for her firm, yet post menopausal body.   "Namaste," she murmured, in an Oxycontin slur, as she crossed her tanned, bare legs into lotus pose.   Thus, began my workshop with Shiva Shakti, the yoga celebrity who boasted a national following.* … Continue reading