The In-Between

  I’m late. As usual.   I run to the car, without the time to second guess combining the thick black rimmed glasses with the billowy skirt and the sturdy black boots.  I wonder if my boss questions what happened to that woman who showed up to interview, in the urban chic business attire, the patent leather heels, and the straightened, shiny hair,  which today, piles onto my shoulders, bigger than usual, thanks to the slight bit of damp on this cool spring morning. It’s spring break week, my work schedule at the mercy of friends willing to take my … Continue reading

To The Mom on Craig’s List

URGENT!  Babysitter needed! For children ages 4, 6, and 7 September 4th and 5th in my home 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Offering $13.00 per hour   Stated the ad on Craig’s List. I felt like I knew this woman, or for that matter, this woman could have been me.  My guess was that her childcare plans for the two work days leading up to the first day of school and their corresponding aftercare programs had fallen through. And she had to get to work. I lived that reality for years, with young children.  Did my children come first?  Of … Continue reading

The Mommy Wars and Other Nonsense

Last week, a political strategist on a cable news network made a remark about the wife of presidential  candidate that has thrown the "Mommy Wars" back into the spotlight.  While I have no comment on the incident itself or the politics surrounding it, I have a lot to say about these so called "Mommy Wars," specifically, the debate over working versus staying at home. If you haven't noticed, Divas, these "Mommy Wars" are a luxury of the middle class.   These wars were created by women who had the choice whether or not to stay home or stay in their career.  … Continue reading