How to Be Kick Ass on The Fly

The first mistake was sleeping until after seven, because my best thinking takes place way earlier.  On a good morning, I sit with my coffee at 5:30, before anyone else is awake.  I review my calendar for that day.  I meditate. I chant “om.”   I practice yoga postures.  I listen to music I like.  I take a few hours to ease into life before the kids barrel down the stairs, the dogs beg to be fed, and the chase to get to the bus stop or weekend morning soccer practice begins. So it should have come as no surprise that … Continue reading

It’s My Island

I didn’t want to teach tonight. I never don’t want to teach. It has been a whirlwind week, between starting a “big girl” job that requires me to walk out of my house primped and well caffeinated when the kids leave for school, the impending monthly deadline on the magazine I edit, and getting adjusted to being the only adult in the house (I thought I was outnumbered before with three kids.  Now, I’m really outnumbered!) So, at 6:40 tonight, I finally turned off my computer after squeezing in 20 minutes of magazine editing time, after getting home from work, … Continue reading

How Not to Hold a Grudge

The bitch and I share the driver’s seat as I drive to the studio.  She’s taking up most of the space. “Can you please find your own seat?”  I ask.     “Shut up, bitch,” she snaps back.   “Who do you think you’re talking to?  You’re the bitch!” “Like you’re completely innocent.” I turn up the music and block her out.  The seat feels pretty cramped, but I manage.  You may not see my inner bitch, even if we’re in the same room, but every now and then, she takes over.    Like today. I’ve been holding some grudges, and … Continue reading

What My Swami Said

I found them to be a terrible distraction.  Not the kids fighting in the next room, or neighbors playing loud music, or thoughts of war or poverty or neglected dogs.  It was my bangs.  My new, shorter, side swept bangs weren’t sitting properly across my forehead.  I brushed them, I tried a different part, a flat iron, but nothing worked.  Enough, I thought to myself.  It’s time for the mind to move onto something else. There are worse things than a bad hair day, even if this was the day that I would be meeting Swami Shantimurti  Saraswati of Ahsram … Continue reading

The First Rule of Fight Club

  Contrary to myth, we don’t meet in abandoned buildings.  We don’t punch each other around until our faces are bloody, and I don’t make soap for a living.  However, I do run a weekly fight club.  A yoga fight club, to be specific.  When the owner of my yoga studio asked if I was interested in teaching Yoga Fight Club, my knee jerk reactions, was, “No!  I can’t do that!” Yet, I know myself well enough to realize that when I resist something so impulsively, it usually means that it’s something I need to embrace.  To be honest, I … Continue reading

Fierce Diva Fitness Anarchist Plank A Day Challenge

I am a fitness anarchist.  I believe in the importance of being physically fit but not for the sake of being thin or “hot” or reaching a “goal” weight or having a perfectly shaped ass.  I don’t count calories.  I do not exercise for the sake of burning calories.  I do, however, understand and respect the importance of exercise.  I get the cardiovascular benefits and the fact that a balanced exercise regimen increases bone density and lean muscle mass and boosts immunity.  But if you have been to this blog more than once, you know that I don’t believe in … Continue reading

Church of The Diva

I am a recovering adult child of the religiously traumatized.  If you were force fed religion as a child for the sole purpose of performing in a rite of passage ceremony at a certain age, perhaps you know what I mean.  If the messengers of that said religion delivered its doctrines while instilling in you fear, guilt, and confusion, then maybe you too, once suffered from the condition I am talking about.   It didn't help that the God they presented to me was not the most loving and forgiving of all holy beings.   God was watching, and he was judging.  … Continue reading