Gaining a Little Perspective as a Yoga Newbie

It’s time to mingle again, guys!  Today, with Kerry Rivera from Breadwinning Mamma.   I’m not exactly sure how I found Kerry, but I can tell you that from my first read, I was hooked on her blog.  Kerry juggles a home and a family with a demanding career, and as she puts it, she writes about the “joys and chaos of juggling a fast-paced corporate career and the messy, but wonderful milestones of motherhood.”  I love the honest conversations Kerry invites about balancing work and life and work and motherhood, along with her awesome book reviews and her journaling of … Continue reading

I Am Me

  “First time? For real?“ “First time,” he says cracking a tentative smile. “Dude! Awesome,” I shout as I give him a high five. “What about you girls in the back?” I ask as I return to the front of the room. I look at a cluster of young women sitting in the back, who I guess to be in their 20’s. “Second class,” the one in the corner says. “Second class ever?” She nods. “This is the best night!” I say slamming the palm of my hand on the floor.  “I’m so happy you’re here!” I am sitting on … Continue reading

Rebel Ted

"How much do you weigh?" "Excuse me," I ask, pretending not to hear the question. "This posture has got to be easier for you than it is for me. You're tiny."    I am in front of my yoga students, demonstrating how to push up into Chaturanga Dandasana from the floor (which can most simply be explained as a yoga push-up) while Ted carries on his inquisition.  "Plus, not for nothing, look at those guns on you.  You lift?" Ted just called my arms guns in the middle of my yoga class.  Oh, that Ted.  "No," I smile.  "I just practice … Continue reading

Church of The Diva

I am a recovering adult child of the religiously traumatized.  If you were force fed religion as a child for the sole purpose of performing in a rite of passage ceremony at a certain age, perhaps you know what I mean.  If the messengers of that said religion delivered its doctrines while instilling in you fear, guilt, and confusion, then maybe you too, once suffered from the condition I am talking about.   It didn't help that the God they presented to me was not the most loving and forgiving of all holy beings.   God was watching, and he was judging.  … Continue reading