The Pause

I went seeking truth, the meaning of life, a higher spiritual plane. I wasn’t all that concerned with “chaturanga arms,” or “warrior thighs” or any of the other accoutrements promised by westernized yoga practitioners.  I needed to get down to brass tacks. Why are we here?  Why am I here? And what is the purpose of all of this? I was at a midlife crossroads.  On a treadmill for years of getting by, doing OK, at certain times, being highly successful doing things that I did not love to do.  Things that fed my family but did not feed my … Continue reading

What My Swami Said

I found them to be a terrible distraction.  Not the kids fighting in the next room, or neighbors playing loud music, or thoughts of war or poverty or neglected dogs.  It was my bangs.  My new, shorter, side swept bangs weren’t sitting properly across my forehead.  I brushed them, I tried a different part, a flat iron, but nothing worked.  Enough, I thought to myself.  It’s time for the mind to move onto something else. There are worse things than a bad hair day, even if this was the day that I would be meeting Swami Shantimurti  Saraswati of Ahsram … Continue reading