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  1. Hi, Ilene. This is Christie F.- we met at the book fair, and had a long talk about having preemie babies. Or, I talked, you had to listen, anyway. 🙂 Anyway…I just wanted to say hello, after ‘discovering’ your blog. I enjoyed reading some of your posts! I’ll write more later- it’s getting ‘late’ for a mom (man, now I know I’m getting old, since ‘late’ used to be around 1 A.M., before having Cameron), and this is just a simple ‘hello’. Have a great week, and happy pizza hunting. I haven’t found any I’m crazy about here, either- and I’m from Texas. My big hunt for ‘the one’, though? Great Mexican food. Sigh… Goodnight! Feel free to e-mail me, or contact me through Facebook anytime. 🙂
    Good luck!

    • Hey, Sweet lady,

      I have *finally* successfully hunted you down on Facebook. Oh, man, and being from Texas – I can’t even imagine the withdrawal you have gone though for Mexican food. So glad you found my blog! Stay in touch! xo

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