A Modern Family Romance Part Two

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I wasn’t sure about the house.  It was close to the beach, it had a second floor wrap around porch that lent a great view of the ocean.  It had a ground level bedroom for guests.  But there were faults.  The rooms were small and musty and paneled with dark wood.  The kitchen wasn’t the least bit modern.  There was no dishwasher.  The clothing dryer was old.  Would the landlord call someone to fix it if it broke down?  I didn’t have much time to find a place to live, and rentals were sparse on our island, affordable rentals were more so.  I felt compelled to jump on anything that seemed borderline satisfactory.  I was feeling hasty but not so much that I didn’t value a second set of eyes.

I called B.

B. came down that night with pizza.  He met the kids and me at my store.  We agreed he’d follow me in his car to the rental house and without conversation, the children hopped into the back seat of his pick up.

They loved riding in his car.

B. walked through the rental house slowly and thoughtfully, checking switches and opening cabinets and running his hands up and down walls.  He walked around the perimeter of the yard and pointed to the grass in the back.

“It hasn’t been mowed in a while,” he said.

“I’ll have to find someone to take care of it for me,” I replied.  The owner of the house mentioned that lawn upkeep was the tenant’s responsibility.

We poked and prodded and chatted and continued the discussion about the house that night over pizza.

Later, when I tucked the kids to bed, my son said to me, “Mom, when you and B. get married, he can mow that lawn for you.”

“B and I can’t get married,” I replied.

Which left my son, who is crazy for B., in astonishment.

“Why not?”

Why wouldn’t I marry someone who brings so much good to my life?  The answer may surprise you!

Please join me today at Mommy Miracles, where  I provide my explanation to the above question as part of her guest post series on marriage.

See you there?



A Modern Family Romance Part Two — 14 Comments

  1. I love your guest post and I think that putting the divorce on the shelf until you could do it without being vindictive is a great idea!!! I think it’s awesome that you and your kid’s dad still get along – so much nicer for your kids!!!
    And, B sounds like a pretty great guy!
    Kim recently posted…Does Your Heart Need a Rest?My Profile

  2. I commented on this on my phone, but it doesn’t look like it went through. Or maybe it was at the other place? I have to go check. I think it is so nice that the two of you (meaning you and your ex) get along so wonderfully. It’s so much better for the kids that way. It seems like so many divorces have real animosity attached. So glad you met someone great, Ilene! Heading over to the other post now!
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…7 Delicious Main Dishes and #FoodieFridays no. 6My Profile

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